Meyer Preaches Career Readiness

Ohio State football players attended a job fair on Friday, part of Urban Meyer's plan to make sure his players are ready for life after football.

With Urban Meyer coaching Ohio State, the Buckeyes are expected to keep churning out NFL talent for the foreseeable future. In 2016, for example, OSU could have as many as five first-round picks in the NFL Draft.

Given Ohio State’s recent success and the level it’s currently recruiting at, it’s not hard to see why a large percentage of players come to Columbus with an eye on making it to the next level.

“I bet it’s 100 percent of scholarship players,” Meyer said at a Friday morning press conference.

And therein lies the problem – not every scholarship player will make the NFL. Even those who do will, on average, only cash a check for a handful of years.

“What really started it is when my oldest daughter started going on visits and they would talk about locker rooms, etc., and I didn’t care,” Meyer said. “What I cared about is what are you going to do for my kid when it’s done? That’s when we started the real life applications. We started at Florida and we’ve taken it here and it’s really taken off here No. 1 because, first off the time and effort. Ryan Stamper has full-time devoted to it, and I’ve spent a good majority of my time in the spring making sure kids get shadowing opportunities and internships. Once a week we take time away from football and we spend it with real life application, real life Wednesdays this year.”

The job fair players attended on Friday night was the latest opportunity for players to network with companies and give out their résumés to potential employers.

“The importance of it is getting exposure,” sophomore left guard Billy Price said. “The next step in life after football is to get yourself in a professional environment. Having a job fair like this helps get a foot in the door for future opportunities.”

While all of his players have their eye on a career in the NFL one day, Meyer made it clear that he expects his players to do their best to start preparing for life after football.

“Coach Meyer makes it clear that everybody who plays football here, the goal should be the NFL," said sophomore linebacker Darron Lee. “But our coaches do a great job of keeping us focused and taking things step by step and we don’t get ahead ourselves.”

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