Cardale Jones Holds Court After Busy Summer

It's been the summer of Cardale as Ohio State QB Cardale Jones has lived it up after winning a national championship for the Buckeyes. Jones discusses his fun summer plus the upcoming quarterback battle in this video.

It's been a busy summer for Cardale Jones, but the quarterback says he hasn't changed -- he just has more Twitter followers.

The Ohio State national championship-winning quarterback is aware his life is different than it was eight months ago, before he led Ohio State to its stunning title run, but being asked to appear at events like Friday's Ted Ginn Foundation fundraiser in Sandusky never gets old.

"You never really get used to it," he said today after the event. "It's always a humbling experience to come back and help with an event like this. every time this feels like the first time. ... (But) we've been back to work. About two (or) three weeks after the national championship game, we were back to business. We all have goals as individual players to produce. Living on cloud nine is dangerous. You enjoy it, but you don't let it take away from the work you have to do to prepare for this year."

Jones also echoed comments made by Urban Meyer that the quarterbacks -- Jones, J.T. Barrett and Braxton Miller -- at Ohio State are all close, something he sees as a benefit going into this fall's competition.

"It just goes with our love and our passion and our commitment to The Ohio State University and our love and our passion and our commitment with our teammates," Jones said. "Me, J.T., and Braxton are extremely close."

Hear Jones discuss that and other topics including his relationship with OSU's other quarterbacks in the video above.

Jones also discussed some topics off camera including:

The "May Fools" tweet in which he joked on Twitter May 1 that he was transferring to Akron: "That'll never happen again. Honestly, true story is I really thought it was April 1. I'm serious. Once I found out it wasn't April 1, I was like, "Oooooh. May Fools then, I guess.'"

On wearing his gold pants from the 2014 Michigan game today: "I wear them a lot. This one is definitely the most significant to me because it symbolizes I got a chance to be on the field this year for this game. My mom and uncle have my first two pairs. Even though I didn't really do anything but hand the ball off, it's just something about being out there. It was just crazy."

On if he always wears his championship ring, which was on his finger: "Not really. Just when I know that I'm coming to events like this, in case y'all forgot (laughs)."

On his feeling when he made his first touchdown (asked by a young girl who was also filming the chat with the media): "I felt pretty good. You ever see the Wisconsin game, I ran back on the sideline high-kneeing the whole way down. I was pretty pumped. It was pretty cool."

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