FNL Preview: Wide Receivers

With Friday Night Lights looming on July 24 for Ohio State, how will the star studded event impact the 2016 recruiting class, specifically the wide receiver position?

One of the top recruiting tools Urban Meyer brought to Ohio State is the famed Friday Night Lights camp, and the event has been a huge success since it was implemented. July 24 will see this year's version, and one of the positions affected will be wide receiver.

The appearance of Ahmir Mitchell, a four-star out of New Jersey, is the big news concerning the wide receiver group for the 2016 class. The main question is: Would Ohio State accept his commitment? At the moment, I believe that answer is "NO."

Who is ahead of Mitchell on the board? There are three players ranked significantly higher in Ohio State's eyes, Binjimen Victor, Donnie Corley and Nate Craig-Myers. While the Buckeyes do not appear to be leading for any of the three, Ohio State might be willing to chase all three all the way to National Signing Day.

Do they NEED a second outside receiver? That answer would be a resounding No, especially with four-star Austin Mack already in the fold. The second wideout needs to be a home run, or they will pass. Is Mitchell a home run, or a double off the wall? Right now, he's not a home run.

Look back at last year's class: They concentrated on adding outside guys, and came up with K.J. Hill, Alex Stump and depending upon position, A.J. Alexander. Then there is the potential of Torrance Gibson, which would be much higher than any of the three wideouts they signed for 2015. Adding Mack to this group provides talent and depth. Adding one of Victor, Corley or Craig-Myers only increases both categories.

Looking ahead to 2017: Ohio State is in great shape with both Trevon Grimes and Jaylen Harris, two highly rated outside receivers. There is no need to reach in the current class for Mitchell if they aren't 100% sold on his talent.

How does Mitchell get in? That one is easy. He needs to come to FNL, and show them what they have not seen to date, be it speed, polish, route-running, hands, or whatever. Blowing the doors off Urban Meyer and Zach Smith might be the only way Mitchell puts his name in the "taker" category. It's easily one of the top stories of Friday Night Lights to follow.

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