BankBag: After Camp Part-One

Summer camps are over and even though recruiting is going better than ever, it's almost time for fall camp to open as Ohio State attempts to repeat as national champions. Bill Greene is set to answer questions from BSB subscribers in this BankBag session.

UAGoldenBUckeye: Who are your picks among this year's freshmen to play early?

BG: Would be easier to answer after fall camp practice has started, but I'm going to say guys like K.J. Hill, Torrance Gibson, Mike Weber, Eric Glover-Williams and Justin Hilliard have a chance to be fighting for playing time.

MeridianOSU: Give us your thoughts on total yards Braxton will have this season? Will Urban allow Braxton to take the opening snap vs MSU on senior day?

BG: I think Braxton will have a ton of yards this season as a receiver and runningback, and I feel he will be an integral part of the offense. He will start at wide receiver against Michigan State, but possibly run the Wildcat on the opening snap to try to gain yards, not for sentimental reasons. Braxton never had much success at all going against the Mark Dantonio defenses as a quarterback, so no reason to try it now.

tlinc75: How is Kyle Berger doing? If he's healthy, what are the chances he'll play.

BG: Fall camp will determine that answer. He did no contact in the spring, preferring to let it heal and compete live in the fall. If he gets through fall camp healthy I think he plays.

nphsbuckeye: How many coaches have been better at the psychology of the game than Meyer? Going forward, Ohio State may only be beaten by Ohio State (with few teams able to beat a motivated Urban Meyer team); Meyer shows time and time again he can successfully get in the mind of the young players.

BG: I would agree 100%. He knows the right buttons to push to get players to perform at their optimum level.

FunkMastaBuck: All of the recruits that OSU is signing over the past few years have massive talent. But some kids just wake up ready to compete, and maybe others have to work to learn that mentality or never do.On offense and on defense, who are a few of the current Buckeyes who you've seen come up through recruiting who are the greatest pure competitors?

BG: Great question. Some of the guys that come to mind are Joey Bosa, Vonn Bell, Jalin Marshall, Devan Bogard, Jacoby Boren, J.T. Barrett and of the current freshman, Eric Glover-Williams.

cscbucks: I know it's hard to question anything Urban does on the recruiting front.. but many on this board seem to be slightly worried about the lack of a big run eater at DT.. in your opinion does a college football team need this type of run stuffer? Out of the guys on the team (Frosh & Soph) who do you feel has the highest ceiling at DT? How is Dre'Mont Jones recovery going and do you see him sliding down eventually?

BG: I don't necessarily think they need a 330-pound run-stuffer. I think they need talented defensive tackles. Last year they took Robert Landers and DaVon Hamilton, who might be great players. They would have rather had Christian Wilkins and Terry Beckner, and I would agree those would be better first choices. This year, Antwuan Jackson looks like a heck of a player and I think they have a good shot at landing him. I definitely see Dre'Mont Jones sliding inside and playing tackle. I think Donovan Munger could be the guy that surprises folks.

instridekline: In your opinion, if it were down to Jalin Marshall and Braxton Miller as the H-Back, who starts this season?

BG: Both must be on the field for Ohio State, and I would play Jalin outside and put Braxton in the slot at H-back.

osuclaybuster: What should we expect from the new coaches, if anything. Ash was a dramatic change on the Defensive side. What wrinkles might Alford and/or Beck bring to the Offensive side, or will they just be watching Urban do his thing?

BG: If you remember, when everyone was screaming "Who's he?" when Ash was hired, I was the one who said he's the best young defensive mind in the country. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back again, LOL. Alford was hired to recruit. Beck will tutor the QB's. Urban Meyer owns the offense. He will teach them, not the other way around. Ed Warinner will combine with Beck, but they won't have the freedom Tom Herman had right off the bat. That must be earned, like it was with Herman.

LebnBuckeye: Do you still think Gill is the first 2018 commit? Who is the next 2018 Ohio kid to be offered, Leonard Taylor from Springfield?

BG: I do think Gill is IN, but have no clue when he might make it public. They will go slow with 2018, especially in-state, but I do like Taylor and Antwuan Johnson of Springfield. Watch for Mansfield wideout Jornell Manns too.

osuin0102: How big of an impact will the loss of Herman have on this years offense. Not just with play calling but with QB development? Thanks.

BG: I'm sure there will be an adjustment period, just like there was for Herman, but Warinner has been here from the beginning so he should have a grasp on everything. Remains to be seen how Beck will work out with the quarterbacks, but he is highly thought of.

southcampus: Who is suspended for the VaTech game?

BG: Too many rumors out there, but not enough hard facts. Until there is one there aren't any. If there are some coming, it should be announced soon.

abrooks54: Do you think this is Chris Ash last season with OSU? Who would you expect them to look at when he does leave?

BG: Yes, I do think Ash will be gone after this season. The key question will be if Urban will promote from within, as he likes to do. Has Fickell done enough to show he's now ready for the task after learning under Ash for two years? That will be a huge question to answer for Meyer.

kf213003: Obviously, OSU recruiting is flying at an insanely high level right now. Despite that, there are usually holes on every team. Are there any needs at OSU that you see as a cause for concern that you feel OSU might be missing on the recruiting trail right now? Do you think we fill our needs in the 2016 class this year?

BG: Currently, they are taking all "first choices", which means they are not only filling needs but getting the guys they really want. There are still needs in the 2016 class, a defensive tackle, two defensive backs, a wide receiver and possibly another linebacker.

drewlaw00Buck: Who are your breakout players this year.......? A couple on offense and a couple on defense....Cam Burrows played a bit early, will he be a key contributor this year?

BG: I will go with Marcus Baugh, because I pick him every year just like I pick Georgia to win it all every year. Also like Noah Brown on offense and maybe Brionte Dunn. Defensively, I would love to see Erick Smith get on the field, but I will go with Donovan Munger as a breakout guy. Burrows has to be 100% healthy, which he hasn't been lately.

mancow3: Who is in the Big 10 championship game? Playoffs? Finals? National Champ?

BG: I want to see how things look in all the fall camps before throwing that out there. Maybe in the next one of these I do before the season starts? Count on it.

raider2426: Jonnie Dixon and James Clark role this year?

BG: Both need to be healthy, first off, If they are healthy, Davis gets into the rotation but Clark is buried behind others that are better.

stvstrscr: Will we continue to recruit 2017 QBs or is Danny Clark the one.

BG: This will be the year that determines that question. So far, I love what I'm seeing out of Danny. They tweaked his footwork and his delivery, and everything is on the money. Obviously, he needs to do it with a helmet in his chest on the field.

buckeye4life12: Outside of the starters, how are the youngsters on the OL developing?

BG: Hearing good things on Jamarco Jones, but that's about it really. A lot of these guys are struggling. With all the new freshman arriving, they'd better pick it up.

buckrock: Favorite singer and or musical group?

BG: You will never find a less musical person out there than I am. On the rare moments when I listen to music it might be oldies like Marvin Gaye. Of the current singers, I think Adele has the best voice, and I like her stuff.

USFbuckeyeBG: If you were URBAN, who do you pick? JT or Cardale?

BG: I thought J.T. Barrett gave Ohio State the best quarterback performance I've seen in a lot of years last season. Better than Braxton Miller, Terrelle Pryor, Craig Krenzel, Joe Germaine, Stanley Jackson or Bob Hoying. And he was only in his first year playing college football. To me, J.T. is the guy. Most overall talent. Best at reading the field. Best leader. Toughest. Most accurate thrower. He would be my choice, and it would be a pretty easy choice to make for me.

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