BankBag: After Camp Part-Two

Summer camps are over and even though recruiting is going better than ever, it's almost time for fall camp to open as Ohio State attempts to repeat as national champions. Bill Greene is set to answer questions from BSB subscribers in this BankBag session.

BellBuck: In my mind, the biggest question mark for this team is the offensive coordinator. How big of a deal is it that he'll be on the sidelines and won't be sitting in the booth upstairs?

BG: Shouldn't be much of an issue. I would guess Beck will send Warinner his thoughts from the booth on coverages and alignments. This will be a team effort, with Urban having the final say on play calling.

Buckeyebeef: Does Torrance Gibson Switch positions and start at WR this year?

BG: With three wideouts suspended for Virginia Tech, I would ask him to play there for the opener and never move him back to quarterback.

edubw: Bill, In regards to the QB position and the NC run last year, was it Urban making the most of the "hand he was dealt" or was he in some strange way, "dealt the perfect hand"?

BG: It was both Herman and Urban performing one of the better coaching jobs of the BCS era, especially with the quarterbacks. He made the most of the hand he was dealt, albeit with some very talented players. But Meyer deserves the bulk of the credit.

USFbuckeyeBG: Do Tressel and Urban have much contact?? What is there relationship like?? In your opinion do you think Tressel got a raw deal?

BG: They aren't buddies and probably never will be. Enough said really. Tough call on Tressel, to be honest. Raw deal? Possibly, but Ohio State is in better shape today as a program than they were under Tressel, so I guess I would say No, he did not. Ohio State would not have fired Tressel had Urban not been available, so I guess it was bad luck for Tressel to have NCAA issues at that point in time.

Pavs38: Bill with all of the talk of the recruits loving Larry Johnson Sr. and the way he connects with them, why is there never talk of him getting a head coaching job?

BG: I think there is so much more to being a head coach than just being a good recruiter and position coach. Now, I do not know him personally, but he might be the career assistant type. And there's nothing wrong with that.

BuckeyeL: Who would you rather have play Quarterback game one against Va Tech, Torrance Gibson, Joey Burrow, Stephen Collier?

BG: Wow, talk about a tough question to answer. I guess Collier because he's been in the system, but not an easy question to answer really.

YTownDJ: Would you take Ohio State -17 vs Virginia Tech even with the potential suspensions at WR?

BG: The suspensions are out as I write this, but I'm not making any predictions until fall camp ends. My first thought is Braxton replaces Jalin just fine. Dontre and Corey are decent players, but certainly not irreplaceable parts by any means. The loss of Bosa is the killer here, but let's wait and see how camp goes before making season or game predictions.

rkorch: Who are some of the best up-and-coming recruiters (position coaches)? OSU is double digit favorites in every game this season, if we get a big lead, will we see development of the younger guys? Are you concerned that this team may not be as battle tested as other elite teams?

BG: Of course, Vince Marrow gets a lot of well deserved run at Kentucky, but he's not all that young. Marcus Freeman at Purdue is very personable and I think he should be a good recruiter, and probably would be at a big time school. Urban is big on crushing teams and not really subbing liberally. The final stretch of Michigan State, Michigan on the road, then the Big Ten title game will toughen them up should they get that far.

notobigkat: What role do the trio of Braxton, Dontre, and Samuel play this year? They can't all play the H, but they're all so damn good with the ball in their hands.

BG: Braxton should be a primary weapon on offense, without question. Not sure about Samuel, but the suspensions open the door for him at one of the wideout spots. Dontre will have to be much better to be a primary weapon. Right now, he's a role player.

Ftball77: Is what Urban is doing on the field and in recruiting rival what USC did and Alabama most recently? Does another NC make Urban the greatest CFB coach of the modern football era?

BG: Urban is certainly rivaling what Pete Carroll and Nick Saban did at their schools from a recruiting standpoint. Another championship soon puts Urban in the discussion, but Saban's three-out-of-four will be tough to match. That gives Saban a lot of distance in my eyes.

dirtysouthbucks: are you surprised in any way by Michigan's recruiting since Harbaugh was hired? What is the vibe among high school players about a Michigan offer now?

BG: I thought they would recruit Ohio much harder, but their formula is working. They're getting good kids from all over. Michigan is definitely looked at more favorably under Harbaugh than they were under Brady Hoke. The NFL pedigree resonates with these kids.

Needssomebucks: TSUN record in their first year with Harbaugh at the helm? How long does it take them to get back to elite results? We are probably spoiled by Urban Meyer, but, Will you comment on their (TSUN) recruiting as it seems pretty lackluster?

BG: I think they can win 9 or 10, but they'd better beat Utah in Week-One. That is actually a big game for them. Their recruiting has been good, and I think they will finish with a top-ten class overall for 2016. Some of these projects could be pushed away down the road.

chex1868: What are hs coaches saying about Harbaugh and his staff (those that you know who have run into him since being hired by scUM)? How many years does he last up in AA?

BG: Harbaugh has a presence that comes from being a top-flight NFL coach, and that has followed him to Michigan, He is very much respected by everyone I've talked to. He will be there as long as he feels that's where he wants to be. If he has success and loves being at his alma mater, it might be a long stay.

fasnru: Curious on your take of Elliot being able to switch ball side to side. What is your opinion on how much better he can be having both arms? Dunn appears to be primary back up. If true, how big a year do you think he can have?

BG: I love everything about Ezekiel Elliott, and that is a huge factor for a runningback. I also think Brionte Dunn had a great spring, and could get a lot of carries this season with a lot of expected blowouts coming.

buckeyebones: How do you feel about the overall player leadership on this team?

BG: They still seem awful young to me, and I'm not sold on the seniors that should be the leaders of this team. I don't think this was a particularly good off-season from that perspective, but talent usually wins out in the end. They are very talented.

CleATCbuckeye: I heard that Johnnie Dixon's injury may be lingering, any word if he's returned to form?

BG: Hearing the same thing. They need him to be 100% healthy because he has a ton of talent. The first few weeks of camp will tell the tale of where he is from a health standpoint.

BucksNLions: Hi BG, Which are three most likely committed players to flip from OSU (16 and 17 combined)? Do we keep Shaun Wade?

BG: I don't see anyone that I feel is looking elsewhere, but Kareem Walker is shaky to me. I would think they will have to recruit Shaun Wade until Signing Day. In the 2016 class, Terrell Hall could be one to watch, but I wouldn't say it's anything critical at all.

MeridianOSU: Did I waste money betting on the Bucks winning it all this year?

BG: If you cash your ticket next January you obviously did not waste your money. But 3-1 is a bad bet when you are taking on all of college football over 15 games. Very small return for what your money has to go through to pay you back. But, if that's your team.....................

InTreselTrust: What is your favorite stadium you've gotten to see a game in? What stadium/venue is on your bucket list of places to see a game?

BG: I really enjoyed the entire trip to USC, including the weather, the city, the atmosphere, the history, the tradition, etc. etc. That was a good time. I would love to see a game at two places: Wisconsin and Alabama, and will do that at some point. I would go anywhere to see a place I haven't seen before though. I really like college football as a whole, and love everything about it.

InTresselTrust: Who starts at corner opposite of Apple? How confident are you they'll do well?

BG: I think it will be Gareon Conley, and I think he will be just fine. He really got better over the course of the spring, and they were very happy with him by the end of spring football.

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