BankBag: After Camp Part-Three

Summer camps are over and even though recruiting is going better than ever, it's almost time for fall camp to open as Ohio State attempts to repeat as national champions. Bill Greene is set to answer questions from BSB subscribers in this BankBag session.

InTresselTrust: Who starts at corner opposite of Apple? How confident are you they'll do well?

BG: I saw the team twice this spring and really liked what I saw out of Gareon Conley. I think he takes the spot and does really well this year.

tonysarenko: Do you think we'll see Braxton at QB situationally this year? If so, how often and in what situations? It seems to me he would be an ideal QB in goal line situations inside the 10.

BG: ABSOLUTELY I do. He is devastating running the football, and unlike most Wildcat QB's he can pull it down and throw it. I think Braxton will definitely take snaps at quarterback every game.

gettysburg: who are your preseason favorites in Ohio division one football to be playoff favorites this year?

BG: Think it's totally wide open, whereas last year I had St. Edward going to wire to wire to win it. I think Dublin Coffman can be very good, but there are a lot of teams in the Cincinnati/Dayton area that will battle each other to get to the title game. I think the North will be weaker this year.

HINYG8: Who is your pick to win the Heisman? Your predicted W-L record for that team up north? How are your Gators looking?

BG: If he starts and plays like I think he will, I would go with J.T. Barrett building on last year's stats and taking the trophy. I think Michigan "can" win 9-10, but they had better beat the Utes in Week-one. Florida has a ways to go to, but things are definitely on the upswing. Muschamp has them solid defensively, and McIlwain needs to fix the offense.

Meedssomebucks: With Braxton switching positions, how does this impact Dontre Wilson and Curtis Samuel?

BG: Braxton is going to be on the field for sure. I believe that could see Samuel and Wilson fighting for a spot, and I would favor Samuel getting more of the playing time.

buckeyeinsc: Two part question - 1) Do you feel there is/are any reservations about the drop off from Herman running the Offense to Warriner (I know Ed has been co-OC at KU, etc.)?? 2) What are your thoughts about the "outside" WR guys now that Braxton fills a role there?

BG: First and foremost, this is Urban's offense and everything they do offensively flows from what he wants. I think there is so much talent offensively that people might not notice Herman being gone. They're going to score points in bunches. I think Braxton plays one of the slot roles, so this puts more pressure on Mike Thomas to be "the guy" outside. I would love to see Johnnie Dixon step up and grab a job outside, but I'm not sure his health will permit that. I would also put Torrance Gibson out there and have him imitate Devin Smith.

YtownDJ: Does Hale have a legit shot at starting DT opposite Washington?

BG: I don't think so. If he starts, that means a lot of guys aren't very good that we think are pretty good.

WBURGBUCKI: On the coaching staff next year......Vince Morrow, Harry Heistad, or neither?

BG: Not sure I see any changes coming to the offensive staff, although Warinner would love a head coaching gig. The rest are staying put on that side of the ball. I would have Chris Ash as the coach most likely to leave.

southcampus: OSU's class is filling up and they're starting to get ultra picky. Who's the big fish they chase at year's end?

BG: I would think the Big-Three wide receivers, Nate Craig-Myers, Donnie Corley and Binjimen Victor will stay uncommitted a long way, so those guys for sure. Then it depends on how defensive back recruiting goes, and how many are committed. They could reshuffle the decks after New Years and chase anyone they feel they need like they did last year with K.J. Hill and Isaiah Prince.

sharkbuck: If I recall correctly, at one point, Nevada stated that Meyer concluded that one mistake he made at Florida is that he took some kids of questionable character in efforts to have the best recruiting classes, and that Meyer has concluded that he would not make the same mistake at OSU. While it is fun to see how well recruiting is going, I wonder whether Meyer is straying back to old habits. Your views?

BG: The proof shows up in dismissals, arrests, suspensions, NCAA investigations, etc. etc. Aside from the four that were announced Thursday this has been a problem free team for the most part since Meyer arrived.

mrbigbux: Hackenburg's abilities at qb? NB always panned him. Do not think I have heard your thoughts.

BG: In terms of pro potential, Hackenburg is right there with Connor Cook and I think both will be first round picks. He had a great freshman season, then losing O'Brien really hurt him when Franklin installed a new offense. I think Hackenburg is the most talented pro style QB in the Big Ten, and one of the best in the country. Like him a lot.

FunkyBuck: Best recruiting story that you can actually tell and doesn't have to wait for the book - doesn't have to be OSU centric. What is your early prediction for the V-Tech Game?

BG: I really enjoyed the recruitment of Jeremy Cash, and the day he decided to commit he actually told me to be ready. I told him to call me once he called the coaches and spoke with them. Hours went by, and I never heard from him. When I called him and asked what was up, he said he had called every coach on the staff, and nobody was answering him. We waited most of the day for him to finally get in touch with someone and I think it was a Sunday, and it took most of the day. That would not happen today. Too soon for Virginia Tech prediction. Give me a few weeks.

nwohiobuck1: Can/will Jim Harbaugh recruit at the elite level that Ohio State is currently?

BG: This is a historic level and run Ohio State is on, and it rivals what Pete Carroll or Nick Saban has done in the BCS era. It's going to be tough to match it.

BUCKEYEBK: 1. Is Ash and Warriner on the staff next year 2. Do you have Jackson as "in"? 3. Do you see Danny Clark progressing to becoming a top 10 QB in his class?

BG: I think Ash is gone for sure. Warinner would love a head coaching job, but he hasn't landed one yet and I don't think he will take just anything. He had ties to Army and Kansas, but couldn't get either job. I have Jackson as a "possible in", but Auburn is right there. Danny has all the talent in the world. If he does what he needs to do, he can be in that group for sure.

FTLBuck: How many touches can we expect to see from braxton at H back, per game? Where is nevada gonna go, have you spoke to him lately?

BG: I think Braxton will touch the football 10+ times per game. He needs the football in his hands as often as possible. I do know where Nevada is headed, but out of respect I don't think it's my place to say and I don't know the actual start date. We are friends and always will be.

jchiero08: Does Sam Hubbard stay at DE? Does he play much this season?

BG: YES and YES. I saw Sam with Nick Vannett last Friday at Ohio State and they look like twin brothers. Vannett said he is 6-foot-6, 260-pounds, which is just what Hubbard looked like to me.

Folanator: What is Torrance Gibson's roll going to be THIS year?

BG: With all the wide receivers out, I would put him in Devin Smith's spot and tell him to be Devin. Run down the field as fast as you can and we will throw it up there for you to go get it. Hard for me to see him redshirt and be a quarterback this year.

chex1868: Will Miami Fl ever be a national title contender again? You ever speak with legendary Genron anymore?

BG: It's going to be very tough for The "U" to be The "U" again, but I wouldn't say it can't be done. Hard to keep them on the farm once they've seen New York, and Miami can't compare with a lot of the major schools in the college football atmosphere. Yes, I do speak with Mr. Genron on occasion, LOL.

HudsonBuck: Has the B1G made it "back" with recruits yet, as a top brand overall? ... with the rise of tOSU, MSU, and the apparent rebirths of PSU and possibly tsun? Or is it still too early, with tOSU just pretty much on an island, surrounded by a few attractive reefs like MSU & Wisky? What do YOU consider the 5 or 6 top tier CF brands among top tier recruits right now?

BG: The Big Ten is still the Big Ten to me, but Ohio State has elevated the conference by winning it all. Just like Florida State elevated the ACC the year before. But those conferences are both still who they are. Michigan State is elite to me. The rest need to prove they are elite, but I'm not seeing it right now. The top brands to recruits are still the same players: Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Oregon and USC, in my opinion. Next comes Auburn, LSU, Notre Dame, Florida, Michigan State, Michigan, Clemson, UCLA, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Texas A&M, Penn State and Missouri. In whatever order you want.

BuckeyeNatural: Your current top 5 players in Ohio for next years class?

BG: Let's go with Josh Myers at number-one, and that's easy. I would have Marcus Williamson at two. Jaylen Harris at number-three. Then a logjam of kids that I can't separate right now. Will know more in a few months.

HudsonBuck: How do you see Urban's goals and career unfolding at this point? a) Stick around for another 10-15 years for the "chase" of being GOAT at tOSU and CF overall. b) Stick around another 4-5 years chasing a few more NC's before the itch comes back for a new challenge, while leaving an indelible mark on tOSU (in a good way!)? c) The NFL lure of money and challenge gets to him after another NC at tOSU? d) Like Barry Sanders, he just simply feels satisfied and retires in his prime after another NC (or two)? Perhaps tOSU administration or politics? e) Other.

BG: Let's consider these options one at a time. POINT-A: I think that one makes a lot of sense, but I think it would be 10 or less, not 15. Don't see him doing the Bobby Bowden or Joe Paterno thing. POINT-B: I don't see this new challenge at all. He's not taking a reclamation project in his declining years. Think he's at Ohio State longer than the 4-5, but shorter than 15. POINT-C: He will NEVER, EVER, EVER coach in the NFL and I feel very secure posting that. He won't coach at a place where the players control the team, and not the coach. The NFL is a player's league, with maybe Bill Belichick having enough capital to still be the ultimate controller of his team. Not for Urban, who wouldn't have the gravitas to control NFL players. POINT-D: He was very good at ESPN, and I think he goes back at some point. But I truly think he's having a lot of fun right now, and when you have all the money you could spend and all the fame you would need, having fun will probably win out. His wife appears to love her role, as do his children. I think he has exactly what he wants in coaching, and this will be his last coaching job.

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