BankBag: After Camp Part-Four

Summer camps are over and even though recruiting is going better than ever, it's almost time for fall camp to open as Ohio State attempts to repeat as national champions. Bill Greene is set to answer questions from BSB subscribers in this BankBag session.

BuckeyeL: What do you think the future holds for Dontre Wilson?

BG: He has a lot of talent obviously, and they keep putting him out there on the field for a reason, but he seems to not be where he needs to be. The suspensions would be the perfect opportunity to step up and help a short-handed team, but of course he is one of the players that is suspended. They also have a lot of guys that might be able to duplicate what he brings to the field, so his future will probably not allow one more screwup.

YtownDJ: Which of the true Freshman LB's see the field 1st? Also which one has the most NFL potential?

BG: I have heard nothing but good things about Justin Hilliard, and he proved to me he has the football smarts to play early. Best pro potential? Has to be either Hilliard or possibly Jerome Baker. Two good ones.

jclvd23: Living in Gainesville, FL, I was thrilled with the way the Muschamp years went down here. The fans were miserable and I enjoyed every minute of it after the grief they gave me in the late 2000's. Do you have any thoughts on McElwain and how he might do down here? I've heard all the general stuff, like he's a good guy, did well at CSU etc., but was looking to see if you could add to that. With your South Florida connections.....what's the early buzz from recruits and highschool coaches on the new Gator coaches? Is there a genuine excitement for the new man in charge or are they taking more of a wait and see type approach?

BG: More of a wait-and-see approach right now, and everyone is looking for some success out of the offense. They played great defense under Muschamp, but the offense was non-existent. I think McIlwain can succeed at Florida, and he is very well liked, but it might not be this year. Not sure he has a quarterback that can win in the SEC.

stackdan15: Scheme or talent? Who wins? With Herman gone, will the talent be enough to not see a drop off in offensive production or could it even exceed last year?

BG: I'm all about talent, first and foremost. The offense should roll right along, and pick up where last year ended. Everyone is back. And the offense is more Urban's baby anyway, so I think they put up huge numbers throughout the season.

WBURGBUCKI: Forgot to add this, If Chris Ash leaves, is Chuck Heater the replacement?

BG: Once the season ends, this could be THE hot topic of conversation surrounding Ohio State. I expect Ash to be gone, and then what does Urban do with the defense? Go outside and hire the next Ash? Give Fickell back the gig, thinking he has two more years of experience under his belt, and two more years under Ash's teaching? I do expect Ash to be gone, and the defensive coordinator replacement to be great message board trauma.

YtownDJ: Will you be at the annual Mooney/Glenville scrimmage?

BG: Hard to believe that it's time for me to start planning my weekly trips across Ohio for the two weeks of scrimmages that preceed the ten weeks of the regular season, and five more weeks of playoffs. No clue on that particular one, but the time to start making out my schedule is either today or Monday. Great time of year.

acbucksfan4: What do you think Braxton's stat line will look like at the end of the year? (Basically, how important of a piece will he be to the offense)

BG: I think he's going to have over 700 yards receiving, 300 rushing yards, and score over ten touchdowns. I think he's a huge part of the offense, and he should get some throws out of the Wildcat as well. This is one of the great weapons in college football, and he is going to get the football.

K9Buck: Who wins the two MAC divisions?

BG: Bowling Green is going to be really good, and I think they take the East. The West could come down to Toledo and Western Michigan, but I'm going with the Rockets to prevail. This should be a great year in the league.

buckeyed2: Do you think any guys, besides whoever ends up as the backup QB, take a step back this year in terms of individual stats on both O and D? Had a lot of young guys out up big numbers last year and we have so much talent returning and talent being added plus Braxton makes it hard to see enough chances to make plays.

BG: Hard to see anyone taking a step back, because they are going to roll up points and yards galore. I think the defense will be much better this year, so those guys should see individual numbers go up. Offensively, Braxton gets Devin Smith's touches and the few that Evan Spencer got, and everyone else gets theirs.

buckeyeram4: Bill, was sitting at FNL with a buddy of mine who has gone all four years and knows recruiting fairly well. We would try and guess at who was who on the field..... would it be plausible/possible in the future to somehow get a list of the players with their #'s and have it posted before hand? It's really fun to watch those guys compete.... would be really cool to know exactly who you are watching and who is "flashing" as the night goes on.

BG: I share your pain. Ohio State does not publish a roster for either the fans or the media. I usually get one the next day through secret espionage, but don't have one at the event. We do try to post numbers in the LIVE thread we run on the BSB message board, and that's probably your best bet.

YtownDJ: Goodfellas or Casino?

BG: Love both, but Goodfellas wins out for me. Maybe because it came first? Love these types of movies. Could watch The Godfather every week.

Bronkobuck: 1. Do you think Pryor makes the Browns 53-man roster? 2. What kind of driver are you playing nowadays?

BG: I would say Terrelle is up against some very tough odds, and I'm going with NO. I've been hitting the PING G-25 for a while now, and love it. It works for me far better than the TaylorMade R-series ones. I'm playing better right now than I ever have, and that driver is a big part of it.

BuckWrestler141: I think I remember you saying Paris Campbell lacks the hands to transition from RB to WR; have they been able to develop his hands any better? I loved Terry McLaurins highlight film from high school, how is he coming along, any chance he becomes the new deep threat THIS season? Is James Clark done with being able to play football; or do we just have too much talent for him to overcome the setback? Aka could he end up starting elsewhere if not here or too injured?

BG: Have heard Campbell has improved his hands, but I want to see them throw it to him on 3rd-and-15 in the fourth quarter of a game they are losing before I believe it. McLaurin has talent, but boy is he in a talented group of players fighting for time. They bring in guys as good or better all the time. Same with James Clark, although he has not been able to stay healthy. With the suspensions, all three have a shot at proving they deserve playing time in the opener. Let's see if any of them actually play.

Hosedragger: Favorite club in your bag?

BG: I have a TaylorMade 3-iron hybrid that I hit way too much, but it's the club I can hit when I absolutely have to hit a good shot. It won't go 215-yards like a 5-wood "might" if I hit it well, but it's going to go 190-yards every single time. And I can put it where I need to, right or left.

bigredbuckeye: What is Urban Meyer's non-coaching day-to-day personality and seemingly true values?

BG: Impossible question to answer, unless you know the person really, really well. Which I do not. I do know people that have worked for Urban, Nick Saban and Bill Belichick. They seem to have a lot of the same characteristics, and I think all three care far more about their families and people in general than folks might realize. Of course they all have huge egos and are very single minded, but away from coaching they are probably very much alike.

BucksDominate: Bill, what is the key to getting to the top of the mountain? What is the key staying there? Some coaches are good getting to the top and then some are good at staying there but maybe not building it to get there.

BG: To me, it will always come down to talent. Urban Meyer would not win the Big Ten this year if he takes over Purdue tonight. That will always be number-one to me, in any sport. Your question is basically the unanswerable question. Urban Meyer is the same guy on a nice run right now that he was less than a year ago, when he was coming off three ugly losses in a four-game stretch. The same guy with three titles, also had 9-4 and 8-5 seasons at Florida. Hard to say what makes the difference in the good years or bad years, but to me the one constant remains talent. When you have elite talent, you always have a chance, in any sport you name. It's tough to out-coach folks and beat them with an inferior roster.

YtownDJ: If Urban coached here 10/15 more years, do you think he could pass Woody Hayes as the most Legendary coach to ever coach at Ohio State?

BG: In the historical sense, he will have to win as many national titles or more, to beat out Woody in people's eyes. Nobody at Ohio State will give a flip about the two at Florida, LOL. Woody is credited with five national titles, but it's four to me because the 1970 team got rolled in the Rose Bowl by Stanford and that made Nebraska the rightful champion. Either way, Meyer is going to have to win about four more to eclipse Woody. I don't see that happening, but you never know. They are certainly set up to win for the next five or six years.

Warfield: Do you think that Nevada and you will ever team up again talking O.S.U. football?

BG: In this media world, you never know and I've seen a lot of crazy job switches. We had a great run and I'm sad to see it end, to be perfectly honest. But times change and life goes on. No way to answer that question.

cjdjbucknuts: Who leaves with a tree in Buckeye Grove that no one is talking about yet?

BG: Not sure Ohio State fans fully appreciate J. T. Barrett and what he brings to the table. He will leave Ohio State with a Heisman Trophy, and be recognized as the best quarterback in school history. That should be good enough for a tree.

bucks02: Who is the number 2 rb, assuming Samuel plays H? Is Lattimore 100% healthy?

BG: Good question on number-two, since it's obvious they moved Curtis Samuel because of the suspensions. Does he go back if Zeke gets hurt? Or will they keep Brionte Dunn there? My guess is that they move Samuel back in an emergency. Lattimore is never fully healthy it seems. We will know once fall camp starts.

captmsmith: Latest on S Andrew Pryts? Should we read anything into him missing FNL?

BG: No, because he visited Ohio State earlier that week and met with the coaches. Things are all good for Ohio State, I believe.

naplesbuckeye2002: What's your dream job? Does it involve sports?

BG: I really think I have it, even though I never really dreamed this was possible until the internet sports sites exploded across the internet. Maybe covering golf at the highest level would be it. It definitely would involve sports, but not a specific team day after day. Probably covering something nationally, I guess.

EdDantes22: If Ohio State doesn't make the playoff this year, what will be the most likely reason why? If Bill Greene is the head coach, who starts between JT and Cardale? Assume JT is 100% What redshirt freshman makes the biggest impact in 2015?

BG: They could lose to Michigan State and not make the Big Ten title game. That would be my number-one reason, because you have to win your league to get in. I would start J.T. Barrett and never look back. Redshirt freshman? How about Sam Hubbard?

kach22: If recruiting doesn't go the way we want for Antwuan Jackson, do we dip in the JUCO ranks at all, recruit other DTs for this year, or just wait and look for next year?

BG: If they lose out on Jackson, they will go get someone else. Last year at this time, nobody had K.J. Hill, Isaiah Prince or Damon Arnette in the 2015 class. Long way to go in recruiting.

Thatunmguy: How long do you think Ash will be at OSU? He's got to be tempted to stay to work with the classes of 2016 and 2017 right?

BG: He wants to be a head coach very badly. He won't be tempted to stay at all.

ozreb: what role will Marcus Baugh play this season?

BG: Two things I predict every year: Georgia wins the national title, and Marcus Baugh has a breakout year. LOL.

OSUBucksFanDW: If Tress doesn't get fired, where is Urban coaching at today

BG: That is an amazing question. One I've never thought of, or been asked before. Had Ohio State not come open, I have to think Texas would have assassinated Mack Brown sooner and went after Urban with both barrels. I think Ohio State is Urban's number-one, dream job, but he would be coaching somewhere great. Maybe Notre Dame wacks Brian Kelly after he interviewed with the Bears a few years ago, and grabs Urban? Had Tressel stayed on with Ohio State, where would Urban be today? Great question.

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