Buckeye Pranksters At It Again

Football is supposed to fun, right? The Ohio State players have found that out in some ways around the Woody Hayes recently as another prank video has come to light from inside the walls of the team facility.

All offseason, the mantra for the Ohio State football team has been "The Grind," as the team has tried to make sure it's working just as hard as it did a year ago while trying to defend the 2014 national championship.

But the Buckeyes have a little fun, too.

One week after a prank video of a mannequin coming to life and scaring such players as Cardale Jones went viral, the Buckeye video crew and support staff is back with a similar video scaring players walking by a trash can.

Tommy Schutt, Demetrius Knox and Billy Price are among the victims in this PG-rated video below.

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