Bank Blog: OSU Recruiting Update

Summer camps have concluded and fall camp is on the verge of opening, so it's time to take a look at Ohio State's 2016 recruiting class. With the number-one ranked class, Buckeye recruiting is going strong.

First off, while I'm not going to name names, I don't think every member of the 2016 recruiting class will end up signing with Ohio State. I say that not to drum up speculation and get people naming names, but rather to point out that there is still a long way to go. Ohio State is going to chase players committed elsewhere, and new names could pop up at any time. There are a few committed guys I can possibly see heading elsewhere for various reasons, but nothing concrete right now. The recruiting net is wider than it looks right now, and let's keep it right there.

Gavin Cupp is IN, and he will make number-20 for this class, not 21 as I mistakenly reported last week. It could happen at any time, although I'm not sure what the holdup is. He's a great kid from an excellent family, and he bleeds S&G. Exactly the type of kid you bring in to your program. Nobody takes all four and five star players. This is a solid three-star recruit that fits with what Ed Warinner wants to do on offense. Cupp can succeed at Ohio State if he busts his tail, which I expect him to do.

Numbers are difficult to project anymore for any team in the country, and it's no different for Ohio State. I think this class should end up in the range of 24, but as we saw last year that number can change. There is room to add Cupp and four more easily. If someone else drops off, they can add a new recruit.

Defensive back recruiting is the hot topic, and I think they will take three more, but it could be two. There is no reason to reach with the haul of DB's they're looking at in the 2017 class, especially if you look at both classes combined as a two-year project. The names are the same: Andrew Pryts, Damar Hamlin and Jordan Fuller, but they are still going to chase Jaylon Jones, who recently committed to Ole Miss. I would expect to see Jones take an official to Ohio State at some point. And don't rule out Patrice Rene down the road either, as they will be watching him closely this year as a senior.

Wide receiver recruiting remains the same, especially after they eliminated Ahmir Mitchell from the mix. It's still Nate Craig-Myers, Binjiman Victor and Donnie Corley. I'm not real bullish on any of them becoming Buckeyes, but I would probably have Victor as the highest probability. As with DB recruiting, they do not have to reach at this position or they would have snapped up Mitchell. They have Trevon Grimes and Jaylen Harris nearly IN for next year. And Austin Mack is a potential early playing time receiver in this class.

An interesting position group right now is linebacker, and do they sacrifice a DB this year to grab a linebacker? They are bringing in Aaron Hansford for an official visit in September, after his team plays in Steubenville on Friday night. Would they take him today? Maybe not. Will they take him later? Stay tuned.

Antwuan Jackson is the defensive tackle target currently, and all reports say it could come down to Auburn or Ohio State. This is probably a position group that could benefit from a "first choice" recruit, and not another fallback year like 2015. Not to say second and third choices can't become stars, but you need to get the guys you want the most a majority of the time in recruiting to build champions.

I know his commitment was at Friday Night Lights and got overshadowed by so much recruiting news, but do not overlook the commitment of Luke Farrell as a throw-away, in-state addition. He might be more talented than any tight end they've recruited since Marcus Baugh, and Farrell has a chance to be a star. Might be a more athletic Nick Vannett.

Here are Gavin Cupp's junior highlights:

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