OSU Video: Hinton's Combine Workout

Ohio State is used to sending football players to the pros, not to mention football coaches, but what about coaches who want to become players? Tim Hinton tried to become the first to make the move recently in a video released this morning by Ohio State.

There probably isn't room in the NFL for a 215-pounder who runs a 10-second 40 at, well, any position.

That didn't stop Ohio State coach Tim Hinton from trying.

The Buckeyes' tight ends coach has been coaching for more than 30 years, making him older than the average NFL combine participant, but he still donned the tights (seriously) and went through pro position drills for a video published by Ohio State today.

Included are shuttle drills, a 40-yard dash (which is interrupted by a stop for water) and other drills.

And maybe it's not a surprise Hinton could work his way around a football field. His father, Don, first bought Ohio State season tickets in 1950, and all five Hinton brothers grew up around the game and became high school coaches.

“All five of his sons have coached football, and three of them are still coaching football today,” Hinton said of his father. “It’s in our blood. It’s something that we believe in. It’s something that we love. God bless my mother (Joanne), who never had a daughter. She went out and bought football books, and I still have them, so she could talk to her sons. So, yeah, it is a culture.”

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