Braxton Miller Arrives For Camp With Drone

What's The Return of The Real? That could be the story of how Braxton Miller returned to stardom on the field at Ohio State, as Miller's friends are working on a video project that today featured the QB-turned-WR arriving with a drone in tow.

Now that he’s a member of Ohio State’s wide receivers room, you could say Braxton Miller is now in Drone 6.

Zone 6 is the nickname for the wide receiver corps – the 6 stand for the number of points you get when you catch (or throw for, if you’re Evan Spencer last year or perhaps Miller this year) a touchdown – but Miller spiced up Ohio State’s camp arrival today in Columbus when he was followed by a drone filming video of the QB’s arrival.

The drone was operated by two friends of Miller, Regis Williams and Korey “Kmagic” Faulks, who were filming Miller’s camp arrival for the quarterback-turned-wideout’s own personal use.

It could be a documentary one day about Miller’s comeback this season from shoulder surgery – they have a working title of “Return of the Real”. It could end up on Miller’s Instagram. Who knows. But the footage must have been pretty cool, as it followed Miller’s car as he showed up for his final camp as a Buckeye.

And it made Williams and Faulks into minor celebrities, though each said this was just another day at the office. The two each went to Trotwood-Madison High School near Miller’s own alma mater of Huber Heights Wayne, and each has experience in the multimedia world – Faulks as a DJ and producer and Williams as a senior journalism student at OSU.

“It’s nothing to us,” Williams said. “We weren’t expecting all of this, to tell you the truth.”

The two had the drone – which can move up to 40 mph – follow Miller on his trip from the team facility to the hotel Sunday afternoon, first showing it off at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center to the delight of Miller’s teammates.

“We were at the Woody earlier and they were amazed,” said Faulks, who owns the drone and also served as its operator. “There was no negative response about it. We got a little footage up there earlier. Urban saw me pull up and I don’t think he was really paying attention when I had it in my hand, but Coach Fickell said, ‘Is that a droid?’ I said, ‘No sir, that’s a drone.’ ”

Faulks, who recently returned to Ohio from the Atlanta area, said he has been spending his summer touring the state filming drone videos recently. This project, however, has more meaning to the whole group of Dayton-area friends.

“This is something personal for Braxton,” Faulks said. “Hopefully I'll be able to gain access to a couple more games and practices."

This season Miller, the two-time Big Ten Player of the Year at quarterback who has thrown for more than 5,000 yards and rushed for more than 3,000, hopes to complete a successful transition to wide receiver after missing all of last year with two shoulder surgeries.

“Braxton is family man, first,” Williams added. “He's into what he's doing right now for sure. This is the most dedicated guy that I know as far as anything. I know people in basketball, baseball, this guy right now, he's on a different level right now. His mind-set, his grind mode, I put it up there with LeBron to me. I put it right there. He’s got a small circle, to tell you the truth. He's a good guy, good kid. He's also good family.”

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