20 Questions: Which Big Ten Game Is Best?

Michigan State's trip to Ohio Stadium is expected to be the game of the year in the Big Ten, but what other conference game should Ohio State fans circle on their calendars this season?

Ever play 20 Questions? Pretty fun, right?

That's what we think, so with that in mind, we're asking 20 Questions when it comes to the Ohio State football team. Every day from now until the opening game week, we'll have our BSB writers answer one question about the Ohio State football team. Some will be serious, some will be funny, and none will be "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" But all should help you think about the upcoming season, hopefully in a different way than before.

Question 6: Aside from Michigan State, which Big Ten team should Buckeye fans be most worried about?

Ryan Ginn: I’m going to go ahead and say Michigan, because Ohio State could start out 11-0 but if it loses that one to Jim Harbaugh it’s going to be the Worst Offseason Ever for everyone in Columbus. Brady Hoke proved over the last two years that the Wolverines don’t actually have to be good to give the Buckeyes a game, and Harbaugh will have had the whole season to get acclimated to his roster and learn what he’ll be able to ask of his players. Let’s not forget that the Buckeyes will be coming off what projects as a street brawl against Michigan State, and then they’ll have to head into the Big House for what will be an electric atmosphere no matter what Michigan’s record is.

Blake Williams: My knee-jerk reaction was to go with the old-school answer and say Michigan. After looking at the schedule more closely, I’m sticking with the Wolverines. While I think that Jim Harbaugh will get more out of his players in his first year in Ann Arbor than Brady Hoke did in his last, the decision to go with Michigan is more about the rest of the Buckeyes slate than it is about the Maize and Blue.

The other true contenders for this answer, Penn State and Minnesota, both have to travel to Columbus to face the Buckeyes. Ohio State’s conference road schedule consists of Indiana, Rutgers, Illinois and Michigan, making the Wolverines the main road threat. While I think that the Nittany Lions could challenge Ohio State if things go right for them in Ohio Stadium, the better bet in my mind is that the Wolverines give them everything they have in UM’s final home game of the season to try to start Harbaugh 1-0 in the rivalry.

Jeff Svoboda: We'll make it 3 for 3 and say Michigan. I do think Penn State will actually have a pretty good team this year, and I think the night game at Rutgers will be tougher than people think (the Scarlet Knights do return some very talented players, and road night games are never easy). But for all the reasons outlined above by my coworkers, Michigan is sort of a terrifying foe. There's the rivalry, the Harbaugh factor, the fact that the game comes after the Michigan State game. It's one of those things where the Buckeyes figure to have more talent than Michigan (seriously, the disparity between Buckeyes and Wolverines on preseason watch lists and All-Big Ten lists is pretty ridiculous) but there's a reason that's The Game. Even during Michigan's recent slide, the Wolverines have given the Buckeyes a run for their money more often than not, and you just know Jim Harbuagh has that one circled. If OSU is in the running for a College Football Playoff spot, that game could be a bear trap for the Buckeyes.

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