20 Questions: Who Starts At Quarterback?

To wrap up our 20 Questions series, we pose the first and most burning question to see if anything has changed over the last three weeks: Who will start at quarterback for Ohio State?

Ever play 20 Questions? Pretty fun, right?

That's what we think, so with that in mind, we're asking 20 Questions when it comes to the Ohio State football team. Every day from now until the opening game week, we'll have our BSB writers answer one question about the Ohio State football team. Some will be serious, some will be funny, and none will be "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" But all should help you think about the upcoming season, hopefully in a different way than before.

Question 20: Who will start at quarterback against Virginia Tech?

Ryan Ginn: It’s still J.T Barrett for me, although count me among the apparently select few who think the captain vote will have no bearing whatsoever on the quarterback decision. I can’t shake the feeling that Barrett is the one more suited for the long haul, and I think Urban Meyer knows that too. One of Meyer’s biggest pet peeves is turnovers, and – although he rebounded from them nicely almost every time – Cardale Jones turned the ball over too much in the postseason. That’s a nitpicky thing for someone who, you know, won the team a national championship, but in this race every detail matters and I think that’s a big one.

Blake Williams: When we started this exercise 20 days ago I said Cardale Jones. The tide of public opinion had already begun to shift towards J.T. Barrett at that time and now it seems everyone is assuming he gets the start, even more so now that he has been voted a captain. Thing is, Urban Meyer doesn’t care about public opinion and the team doesn't vote on who starts. Barrett may be the choice, and he is certainly a good one, but I’m sticking with my gut. I have no idea who is leading in the quarterback race. I won’t pretend to be in Meyer’s head on this one. But my gut said Jones 20 days ago and I don’t have a reason to change my mind. I'll die on the Cardale Jones hill.

Jeff Svoboda: We made this the first question and at the time decided to make it the last one to see if anyone's opinions would change after fall camp. Of course, then we never got to watch a single QB take a live rep of scrimmaging (other than in OSU's expertly produced videos), and everyone inside the program has played this one close to the vest. I do feel there's a vibe in some places that J.T. Barrett's consistency and leadership is going to be difficult to beat (he took more than half the votes in a BSB Ask the Insiders poll during camp), but my gut still says that Jones takes the first snap. I could end up being very wrong, but it's always been my feeling he has to lose the job given what happened at the end of last season, and I'm not sure he's done that.

Question 1: Who Will Start At Quarterback For Ohio State?
Question 2: If Ohio State swapped coaches with the other team for every game, what would its regular season record be?
Question 3: How noticeable will the loss of Tom Herman be?
Question 4: If Ohio State could bring back one player from 2014 for this season, who would it be?
Question 5: More all-purpose yards: Braxton Miller, Dontre Wilson or Curtis Samuel?
Question 6: Aside from Michigan State, which Big Ten team should Buckeye fans be most worried about?
Question 7: Seven Buckeyes made 1st or 2nd team All-Big Ten last year (four are back). How many make it this year?
Question 8: What kind of leash will the starting quarterback have? (Or to put it more clearly, what kind of performance would it take for the starting quarterback to fully lose that job – not just be subbed out for a series or two?)?
Question 9: How many true freshmen will have their redshirts pulled this season? Who will they be?
Question 10: Which player can Ohio State least afford to lose to injury?
Question 11: If you had to beat one team with 11 players playing both ways, which game do you choose and what does your starting lineup on each side of the ball look like?
Question 12: Which four players or coaches would you choose to appear with you on Family Feud?
Question 13: Which opponents will score the most/least against Ohio State this season?
Question 14: Will an Ohio State player win the Heisman Trophy this year?
Question 15: How many passes will Braxton Miller throw this year?
Question 16: If there's one thing that Ohio State should be worried about heading into the season, what would it be?
Question 17: With the suspensions and now the injury to Noah Brown, are the Buckeyes in trouble when they head to Virginia Tech?
Question 18: Which position group matchup are you most looking forward to this season (ex: Ohio State O-Line vs. MSU D-line)?
Question 19: Will Ohio State repeat as national champions?

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