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Virginia Tech Quotebook

After No. 1 Ohio State topped Virginia Tech 42-24 on the road to open the season on Sept. 7 the players had a lot to say. Here are some highlights from the Buckeyes after the big win.

The Buckeyes avenged their lone loss of the 2014 season with a 42-24 win over Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Monday. There was plenty to talk about after the big win, and who better to hear it from than the players and coaches themselves.

Head Coach Urban Meyer

On Why Cardale Jones started at quarterback:

"It was real close and Cardale finished the season as the starter and I kind of started thinking for him to not take the first snap he had to be beat out and he didn’t get beat out. It was very close. We’ve got two good players and they’re going to play. I almost put J.T. in earlier, but it was such a pressure game that I thought with Cardale’s size, I thought he could get up over the top of that defensive front, because they were all over the place again, and that was the decision.”

On how he will manage J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones going forward:

“There’s really not a formula. Whatever my opinion is at that moment – because you can’t have too many people’s input because all it does is confuse the situation. In that situation to drive the ball down the field and score, who should be in the game? J.T. has to stay warm and if J.T. is in the game, Cardale has to stay warm. Is that the right thing to do? At this point it is. Will that change and adapt throughout the year? I don’t know. Remains to be seen.”

QB Cardale Jones

On how he played:

“Not too much my play but the offense, we had a rhythm but we hit a couple of speedbumps. We had a couple turnovers that led to touchdowns so in my opinion the score in the game could have gotten out of hand quicker than it did. Just clean up the turnovers and mental mistakes and then I’m pretty sure you will see more of us next week.”

On impersonating Braxton Miller's spin move on the sideline after the touchdown:

"It was sick. I think mine was kind of better on the sideline. It was crazy because I was looking across the field because I was at the wideout position. After he broke I was like, ‘I’m not about to run down there with him.’ I seen him spin and I was like, ‘Holy …. OK, he’s back.’ I still think mine was better.”

H-back Braxton Miller

On playing like he's in a video game:

"If I see it on the game, I want to do the same thing. I just want to hit the Top 10 on SportsCenter."

On what contributing means to him:

"Just everything. Just out there contributing to the offense. When my number is called, I’m going to take advantage of it and I’m going to try to make the best out of it.

" It feels great, man. Our coaches believe in me and my brothers believe in me. I just want to keep improving from here."

Offensive Coordinator Ed Warinner

On being able to use Miller in the offense:

“It’s great to have him back. He made some plays for us today, I mean he sparked us with some of our play and that kind of go things rolling in the second half. It’s great to have him and his development there has been very speedy at the H and he did some tremendous things.”

LT Taylor Decker

On being down 17-14 at halftime

"I don’t want to take anything away from them but we were just shooting ourselves in the foot. A lot of their scores came off turnovers, a muffed punt, threw a pick here and there, but I think it was just a matter of execution.

"I think it’s just a matter of calming yourself down, realizing that when you execute the offense runs great. Not to take anything away from them but I think it was a lot of us messing up that kind of kept them in the game.”

RB Ezekiel Elliott

On his play against Virginia Tech:

“I think I played alright. I’m kind of a little rusty getting back on the field. I missed spring ball so that was kind of tough. This is my first time going live since we played the national championship game in January. So I was a little rusty, a little impatient with my running, I had the muffed punt. Just overall I can get better.”

DE Sam Hubbard

On getting a sack on the first series of his first game as a Buckeye:

“It was definitely big for my confidence because nobody really knew who I was and I wanted to come out in the game and make my name known. I think that first series really gave me some confidence to get my thing and do what I know I can do.”

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