SvoNotes: The Bo You Should Know

"SEC Storied" takes on a story about a Buckeye legend tonight. That might sound odd, but Bo Rein's story is one both Buckeye fans and SEC fans -- not to mention all football fans -- should know.

The documentary is titled "The Bo You Don't Know."

In the South, this is a takeoff on the larger-than-life persona of Bo Jackson, so the name fits considering tonight's documentary airs at 9 p.m. on the SEC Network.

Of course, in Ohio (and Michigan), the name Bo is more synonymous with Glenn Edward Schembechler, the foil to Wayne Woody Hayes. Bo and Woody were Big Ten football for a full decade.

But Robert "Bo" Rein also has his spot in Ohio State lore. A baseball and football star at Ohio State after a ton of prep success at Niles-McKinley High School, Rein was a three-year starter for Hayes, leading the team in rushing in 1966 as well as receiving in 1964 and '65.

He then became an assistant coach under Lou Holtz at William & Mary as well as North Carolina State, then served under Frank Broyles at Arkansas. After that, he was named head coach at NC State after Holtz left, resurrecting that program quickly.

A bit of an offensive guru for his time -- he invented the whirlybird option and seemed to be one of the first people who realized spreading the field was probably a pretty good idea -- Rein turned heads as the youngest coach in major college football at just 30 years old.

That also made him one of the hottest coaches in college football, and LSU came calling. He was named the coach at LSU after the 1979 season, thinking he'd turn a proud but flagging program.

And then, he was gone.

Rein went on a recruiting trip and never came back just 42 days into his tenure, dying in a plane crash.

For years, I'd enter the team lounge at Bill Davis Stadium, the Buckeyes' baseball home venue, and read the Bo Rein sign outside. The lounge is named after Rein, who's prowess on all fields at Ohio State lives on.

Now, his story will be somewhat more known. The half-hour documentary about one of the most talented Buckeyes of all time is well worth your time, and you might learn something you don't know.

Because he should be the Bo you do know.

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