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Ohio State football: Urban Meyer says quarterback situation still unresolved

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said the Buckeyes still don't have a quarterback as the team prepares to face Western Michigan in the final non-conference game of the season.

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said Monday that the Buckeyes don't have a starting quarterback set for the upcoming game against Western Michigan.

After calling the 20-13 win against Northern Illinois one of the worst offensive performances he's seen at Ohio State, Meyer said he's not yet made a decision between Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett. 

"Not one has beaten out the other," he said. "They're not playing great."

When asked about twice yanking Jones for Barrett, Meyer had a pretty simple answer. 

"Because of all the intrigue about it, you'll hear someone say, 'How can you play quarterback with someone looking over your shoulder?'" Meyer said. "My comment to that person was, 'How can you not?' If you think you're going to play at the next level, there is going to be probably one better than you standing right next to you, so get used to it. You are going to look. That doesn't mean you get hooked. If you have a bad day, you get replaced. That might not be everyone's philosophy and that's okay. That's okay."

Other updates from Meyer are as follows: 

  • Meyer said he didn't attribute the sub-par offensive line play to rotating the quarterbacks.  "It just sounds bizarre and it is, but Northern Illinois changed their whole defense, and we weren't able to adjust and adapt and we slowed down the offensive line. So we're playing defense and offense right now, and it's not working. So we're going to take a more aggressive approach to how we go about our business."
  • Ohio State might look into changing some things within the offensive coaching staff. As it stands now, both Ed Warinner and Tim Beck are on the field for games. "We're getting there. It's not as smooth. Anytime you have transition, we lost two. Stan Drayton was a very quality coach and so was Tom Herman, obviously. But we've hired two very quality guys. I just think we're going to adapt and change some things."
  • While sometimes turnovers can't be helped, Meyer noted that each one against Northern Illinois could have been prevented. "Yeah, you have to look at how and evaluate each one. We had three turnovers, three interceptions. All three were absolutely inexcusable. Sometimes there will be something where a guy gets hit as he's delivering a ball. Zeke Elliott who is usually pretty good, laid one on the ground. Curtis has been really good, but the guy put his helmet right on the ball, so I'm evaluating. That has an impact on who touches the ball."
  • Meyer said that feel of the game is probably the biggest factor when it comes to determining whether or not to make a change with the quarterbacks. "Very unique situation that I constantly evaluate am I doing the right thing by them? And I don't know any better other than if you have a very good player at the number two spot and number one's not performing, go in there. If your number two is not very good, but I don't know. At this kind of level, I don't know where that is."
  • When it comes to being the hunter vs. the hunted, Meyer said his offense appears to be on the wrong side of that equation right now. "I think it's affected us offensively, and we're playing defense on offense right now, and you don't do that. Some people do, but our history is we want to score a lot of points. We want -- our objective is to score a lot of points and still play great defense. So very good question. It's something that I feel on offense. Not defense, defense or special teams, this whole program is the hunter."
  • Meyer bristled when someone suggested that Ohio State was currently using a two-quarterback system. He said that's not the case -- the starter just happened to play poorly, so he got pulled. "Let's be clear. I did go with one guy. The guy didn't perform well, so we went with the back-up. There is no set thing saying that we're a two-quarterback system, we're not. The back-up's a very good player, whomever that may be. So we are going with the guy."

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