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Quotebook Western Michigan: Quotes From the Ohio State Buckeyes After The 38-12 Win

The Ohio State offense took a step in the right direction in its 38-12 win over Western Michigan while the defense continued it's touchdown-scoring ways. Here is what the Buckeyes had to say about the victory.

Ohio State put together a much better offensive performance in its 38-12 win over Western Michigan Saturdaym but to a man the Buckeyes said there is still room for improvement as the team gets ready for Big Ten play to start next week. Here is what the players and coaches had to say after the win.

Urban Meyer

On the improved play of the offense and areas that unit can get better:

"We played much better on offensive line. Controlled the line of scrimmage. The receivers had a very good day. Offensively, it's close. The alarming part is the underthrown deep ball, which is fixable. It's not fixable when you don't have wideouts that can stretch a field. But we do."

"And I've not seen the videotape, and it's hard to see exactly what goes on on the field, but I know at least three or four underthrown touchdowns, or potential big hits. We have to get those fixed."

QB Cardale Jones

On getting a score just three plays in to the offenses' first possesion:

"It was huge for us. Just going back to what we are used to doing. Running our offense with tempo. We got so many answers for so many things. It was great to score fast and keep that tempo up."

WR Mike Thomas

On the quick score and the offense playing with more tempo:

"All week we said we were going to go tempo, go fast. We knew we were going to get three plays in, that play was there. The corner blitzed and I just had to make a play. I feel like that was a great spark then we just have to keep our foot on the pedal."

RB Ezekiel Elliott

On hurdling two defenders in the game after clearing one tackler last week:

“I think it’s more of an instinctive thing and you got to kind of watch film and study the tackles because you don’t want to try and hurdle a guy that will hit you up top and you’ll get flipped or something. I knew they were going to try to cut-tackle me, that’s been happening every week, so if I’m expecting cut-tackle I am going to go up and over.”

LB Joshua Perry

On whether the win was a step forward for the team:

“I think it was a good step forward. I don’t know how well the defense played. I feel like we came up with stops when we needed them and that’s fantastic. I think we played together as a unit all the time and were really stingy and aggressive and that’s a great mentality but they did a good job of scheming some things up. We did take a step forward in terms of maturity, having that next play mentality and never giving up. We saw our offense do some great things which I knew was going to happen so it was a lot of fun.”

RT Chase Farris

On the improved play of the offensive line:

“This was one of the first times that we saw something similar to what’s been on film. When you practice, practice, practice and you go out there and you see what you practice the proof is in the pudding.”

WR Jalin Marshall

On his unit's peremiter blocking:

“I think we did real well. I think we are definitely making strides to be the best perimeter blocking team in the country again. It’s just little things that we need to clean up to get better each and every week. I feel like today the perimeter blocks that we made were good but they can get better.”

WR Curtis Samuel

On his 40-yard touchdown run:

“I didn’t really do nothing at all, I just made one guy miss. It was all up to the offensive line, they did a great job, they blocked well, they do what they always do. So I thank those guys and without those guys that touchdown wouldn’t have happened.”

DT Tommy Schutt

On fellow defensive tackel Adolphus Washington's pick-six:

"We always talk about celebrating with our brothers and guy makes a big play you just want to go over there and hug him up and pile on him. DiDi, it’s great for him to make a play like that, boost your confidence. An unbelievable play and a lot of fun to watch.”

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