BankBag: Big Ten Season PART-ONE

Ohio State is still ranked number-one in the country as they enter into Big Ten play. How are things in Buckeye Land? Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers.

NorthPoleBuckeye: Does Webb come back?

BG: I don't like what I'm hearing, but I hope what I'm hearing is incorrect because I like that family so much.

BuckeyeL: What do you think 2015 holds for Justin Hilliard, Torrance Gibson, Mike Weber, K.J. Hill, and Jerome Baker?

BG: I think we will see Hilliard, Gibson, Weber and Hill in primary backup roles as the season rolls along. Think Baker needs more weight and strength. All have bright futures as soon as next year, with the mass exodus projected across the roster.

bmoze1: Have you changed your prediction on OSU repeating this year? And why or why not?

BG: No, not at all. They have a ton of talent, and the coaching is solid. I've seen nothing this year to date that makes me think they can't repeat. I think things are fine, not perfect which they never are in September, but fine. My only reservation would be QB, where neither guy has been very good. One of them needs to be like they were last year again, and I think one of them will do that.

OSUFRED: If Thomas the highest rated receiver going into the draft, why aren't we targeting him 15+ times a game?

BG: He seems to have had trouble getting open since he schooled Kendall Fuller in the opener. Aside from the play where Western Michigan covered him with the back judge last week. Not sure if he's being doubled over the top or not, and the quarterbacks have been struggling, so maybe there are reasons? He's probably going to be open more once Ohio State shows they can throw the deep pass.

bucknutsinurface: Do we beat Michigan?

BG: Starting to shape up as a great game for the first time in a long time, and they play a style that could hurt Ohio State. I think to beat OSU, you have to out-physical them on both lines and physically beat them up. Michigan wants a street fight, while Ohio State will want a track meet. Michigan can definitely win, but no prediction until the week of the game.

BuckeyeBoyle: Which game will be a tougher challenge for the team to overcome, Michigan State or Michigan?

BG: Too tough to answer in September, so I will wait until the week of the MSU game. Michigan State has been decimated by injuries, and I want to see who suits up for them. Both will present challenges, because Mark Dantonio has proven he can beat Urban Meyer in a big game, and Jim Harbaugh has won a lot of big games at the highest level of football. Going to be a fun two (or three) week stretch.

grosh76: Do you agree with them choosing to go with Cardale as THE QB for the rest of the season?

BG: I'm a huge J.T. Barrett guy, BUT ONLY the J.T. Barrett that played last year, not this year's model. I wrote after Virginia Tech that he didn't look healthy, even on the long run. The OSU coaches see these guys on a daily basis, while I only get to see the games, so they know more than I know. I thought J.T.'s play last year was the best quarterbacking at Ohio State since Troy Smith. To me, J.T. carried the offense until Zeke got established. This year? It hasn't been real pretty yet, but Cardale can win for them, I believe.

va1bucksfan1: What is the one "fixable" item with Cardale Jones that would provide the most crucial improvement in his QB play?

BG: Now that's a great question. With "fixable" being the key term. Will he read defenses better as he gets more reps? Possibly. Will he make better decisions and throw it to the right colored jerseys as he plays more? Possibly. Can he be quicker with his feet, and quicker with his thought process with more experience? Possibly. To me, it's more about experience than it is coaching. He still has not played a lot of football to date, but he has to be better for Ohio State to be the team people think they can be.

JohnCarollBuckeye: Will Joshua Perry get drafted before round 4?

BG: While Ryan Shazier was the perfect example of why players should leave early, Josh is the perfect example of why you stay in school for your senior season. I think Josh is still getting better and has not reached his ceiling yet. He has great size and is a super athlete, but now we are seeing all that translate to the field. My short answer is Yes, he gets drafted in the early third round.

TB777: Can you see a scenario for Cardale to possibly come back and play QB for tOSU next year? If the answer is a possible yes, how might that impact JT Barrett?

BG: WOW, interesting question. I do not see Cardale returning next year, but what if he does? That would not be good for J.T. Barrett, but the way J.T.'s playing now that's not his main worry. J.T. needs to get back to being J.T. Barrett again, and drop the J.T. Bauserman act. Quickly.

tresdaman: Are George Hill and Todd Sibley buckeyes in the end? Best guesses as to who finishes out the 16 class? Any locks for the 17 class?

BG: The Hill situation is a weird one for sure, and I would say that's probably up to Ohio State. For Sibley, I think he's going to be fine, but they will bring in another RB next to him. Gotta see how he likes that. The 2016 class? The usual names are in place for them: Hamlin, Fuller, Victor, Corley, Jackson, and another linebacker I believe. Locks for 2017? How about Trevon Grimes as a lock for IN, and Bruce Judson as a lock for OUT?

BuckWrestler141: Do you expect Ball and/or Dunn to get offered a 5th year? Will it depend on how many 5 stars show late interest or is it something they already know?

BG: I think it could depend on how many juniors declare early, so I don't think that's been decided yet. I would think Dunn might be OK if he continues on the same path. Ball is such a great kid, but he has not contributed much so that's a tough one to say right now.

BuckWrestler141: Any word on what got Marcylus Jones kicked out of Kentucky in only one week? Is he playing lower level ball now or retiring?

BG: He was there longer than a week, but not all that much longer. I can say it was much of the same that saw him exit Ohio State early. No clue where he goes next, but he needs to clean up his act and get himself back in college. Someone will take him because he has size and good feet.

ohsyou: Will Ohio State have a new guy calling plays next year or do beck and Warriner get it figured out?

BG: I think those guys are fine, and will both be back next year. I think Urban runs the offense anyway, and it's as much on him as those two to get things running right.

jnmbuck: You knew Hazel from OSU and Kent. When he was hired were you expecting him to have better results at Purdue?

BG: Know him pretty well, but things have not gone well from the day he was hired. He took too long to get started at Purdue, when getting off to a great start and creating buzz was important in the first few days. He was too busy jerking around with Kent State in the Toilet Bowl to give his true employer an honest effort in the early days. That hurt. The recruiting has been laughable, and the on-field coaching has been at the level they're recruiting. People can whine about Purdue's commitment to football all they want, but they guy before Hazell, Danny Hope, was doing a good job. Replacing Hope with Hazell was a big mistake, and they're paying for it now.

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