ALERT: Urban Meyer and his coaches understand the Buckeyes are coming together

Despite returning a ton of talent, the Ohio State coaches knew it would take time to mold the Buckeyes in 2015, and Ohio State is getting there at 4-0

Expectations? The Ohio State Buckeyes are fine with them.

But there's also the reality that accompanies last year's College Football Playoff champions. Yes, Ohio State returns some of the biggest names in college football -- Braxton MillerCardale JonesJ.T. BarrettEzekiel ElliottJoey Bosa and more.

But Ohio State is also without such key figures as Jeff HeuermanDevin Smith and Evan Spencer, so just assuming the Buckeyes could roll the ball out on the field and be the same team as the one that dominated the postseason a year ago simply isn't reality.

So yes, the Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes understood why they entered the season No. 1. They returned a lot of talent, and that's how preseason expectations work. But there's also the reality that the personality of the 2015 Buckeyes is still being formed.

"What happened and has to happen on every team is you have to develop who are your role players," tight ends coach Tim Hinton said. "Who are the guys to be your playmakers? How does this guy execute on this play and this play? There is only one way to find out, and that is game reps. Evan Spencer last year, Coach says all the time, was the Most Valuable Player. How many catches did he have? How many touchdowns did he have? But he had a role that made Ohio State really, really good.

"That's one of the things that you go out and start that new team this year. That new offensive team is you're always trying to put those pieces together. How do we put people in the roles that make us really, really successful? How do people develop into those roles of being really, really successful?

"So I think that's one part that's kind of left out. You can bring all that talent back. And there is certainly a lot of talent on the football team. The question is putting in all those pieces and getting it going the right way, because it's a new team."

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