BankBag: Big Ten Season PART-THREE

Ohio State is still ranked number-one in the country as they enter into Big Ten play. How are things in Buckeye Land? Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers.

DVo45: Can you get me a coaching gig with Chris Ash when he gets a Head Coaching job?

BG: Like he would ever speak to me? And if he would, like he would listen to me?

chex1868: Curious about all star games. How do kids decide which game to play in between Army AA and Under Armour. Is there pressure on kids from south and SEC commits to play in UA game?

BG: It's actually very competitive between the games, and it's fun to watch them jockey for the top players. Both games are great experiences for kids, and they can't go wrong choosing either one. I've never heard of any pressure one way or the other. The Southern kids choose Under Armour a lot because it's easier on their families to get to Orlando rather than San Antonio. I enjoy covering both games, but I'm partial to Under Armour because of the weather, LOL.

chex1868: Who is the next coach of Illinois? How long before George Hill and OSU cut ties?

BG: Illinois could stick with Bill Cubit if he does well the rest of the season. If not, Chris Ash would be a great choice. George was at the Western Michigan game, and had a great time I was told. This is a weird recruitment, to say the least. No clue how it all plays out, but George is having a great senior season.

ginnasty: Thoughts on Matt Campbell from Toledo's next job? I'm thinking Illinois/Purdue might be a step back for him at this point. Throughout your career, what's been the most challenging aspect of covering prep athletes? Dealing with ego's? Parents? Traveling to the middle of nowhere to watch a scrimmage? If you could recommend one major change to the OHSAA, what would it be?

BG: Think the world of Matt Campbell. A fact people might not know is that had Toledo not offered Matt the head coaching job when they did, Urban Meyer had Matt as his number-one choice to be his O-line coach. When Toledo hired Matt, Urban went after Warinner. The most challenging aspect of covering prep athletes? All the things you mentioned are things I really like, to be honest. I really like every aspect of the job of covering these people. Change to the OHSAA? Find a way to have spring football on a limited basis, to not hurt track or baseball. Let the kids/parents decide if 7on7 is best for them, not the OHSAA.

victor 64: Is the coach turnover on the offense enough to prevent the team from winning the title again? How long do you think it will take to get everything settled? What do you attribute the penalties and turnovers to? They are not characteristics of Meyer teams. Sometimes this team to me looks bored. How does he address that? Would sitting kids help with that?

BG: No, I don't not think the loss of Tom Herman/Stan Drayton can prevent them from winning. Every year is a new year, so it's hard to say how long it might take. Things were definitely better against Western Michigan. The penalties are pretty alarming, and that does point to the coaching. The turnovers have been because of poor QB play by both guys. Both issues need cleaned up. I don't see this team as bored at all. Defensively, they've been really good. On offense, they play hard but the QB play has not always been smart.

victor64: It looks like a large number of the freshmen are going to redshirt. Do you think it will effect current commits in the 2016, 17 class if they realize they aren't going to play for a while?

BG: No, I don't think so at all. You don't go to Alabama or Ohio State if you're looking at playing a lot as a freshman. You know the talent is deep across the board.

rollymolly2: Is Richard LeCounte still a commit to the coaches (not public). Do we land Grimes? Is Baugh starting to get it? How much does this team miss the blocking of Jeff Heuerman?

BG: Yes on Richard and Yes on Grimes. When Baugh starts to get it we will see him on the field a lot, because he has talent. Not sure on Heuerman because he was hurt so much last year. I think they miss J.T. running the speed option to perfection far more.

rollymolly2: Does K Walker become a Buckeye and does he enroll in January.

BG: I do think Ohio State signs Kareem Walker. Not sure if he comes in early or not. Don't think he's signed his mid-year agreement yet, but I might have missed that.

cjdjbucknuts: What teams are you most surprised about for the good and the bad?----In Big Ten----Nationally.

BG: For the Big Ten, I thought Michigan was a 9-3, 10-2 team, so no surprise they're pretty good. Iowa looks really good right now, and I never expected that. I actually thought Maryland might contend for a bowl game this year, but they stink. Nationally? I thought Auburn would be really good this year, but they've been awful from the start. I never saw Florida being undefeated at this point, even though it cannot last. I had Alabama as a three-loss team and not a playoff team, so no surprise there. Notre Dame is better than I thought they would be, especially with all of the injuries they've suffered, but that schedule is brutal and it should not last.

Beano1967: Bill, what is your take on the alternative uniforms for the Penn State game? Does this type of thing really resonate with players and recruits or is this just a money grab by Nike and the Athletic Department?

BG: Actually, it's both. The players love them, and the recruits are all teenagers, so they like uniforms as wild and different as possible. It's also a HUGE money grab for Nike and OSU, which is what college football is all about, LOL. Personally, I like them and I'm not a traditionalist in any way.

southcampus: When does Torrance Gibson make an appearance? How's he impact the team, if at all?

BG: I thought he was going to play a role against Virginia Tech, but then he got hurt. He's back now, but waiting his turn behind a lot of wide receivers. Redshirting him doesn't make a lot of sense, because he's probably not a five-year player, so I still think there's a chance we see him this year.

Pavs38: Have you enjoyed reading my columns at all :) j/k

BG: In all honesty, I have. Remember one thing: I was a fan way before I became a media person, so I love to see new faces trying to make their way in this business. You're doing a great job with these.

HtownRunningMan: How would you rank the remaining schedule in order of difficulty? If those games were played today, what needs to be improved to overcome each opposing team's strengths and how they'd attack tOSU?

BG: I would rank them Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Minnesota, and the other four in any order you want. I think the QB play needs to be way better for Ohio State to feel extremely comfortable in going undefeated. Michigan, Minnesota and Penn State all want to play low scoring, physical, street fight types of games against Ohio State. Make it a brawl and see if OSU backs down. Michigan State has so many injuries defensively that they might look at this game as a game where they ride Connor Cook's arm and try to outscore Ohio State.

KansasCityBuckeye: If you could be stock in either Michigan or Sparty for a five year return, who do you buy? You're an AD at a respectable but not dominant FBS school and you need to make or win the playoffs in five or six years. You have to hire an assistant with no head coaching experience. Tough spot. Who do you consider? Who do you hire? What should college football do to counteract the decline in football attendance?

BG: Tough question on Michigan State or Michigan, because I think both are buys. I like the five-year future for both equally as well. I think Chris Ash makes a lot of sense, because this is the offensive era and it's easier to get an offensive guru to be your offensive coordinator. Ash as a defensive minded head coach could be the next Mark Dantonio. Very similar personalities and coaching philosophies. The attendance problem? Tough one to solve. The prices for games, parking, concessions, and the like keeps going up, while the fan experience at sports bars or man caves keeps getting better. The big screen HD TV's, pretty waitresses, improved bar food, replays, the ability to see other games on different screens, and the ability to sit with your friends and family makes the sports bar a tough experience to top.

BG: DevilishBuckeye: If Ash leaves after this season, who are your guesses for potential replacements at this point?

BG: Too tough to say right now, because very few of these assistant coach hires were thought of or mentioned before the fact. The big elephant in the room will be Luke Fickell. Do they think he's ready to go back and run the show after seeing Ash up close and personal the past two seasons? Or is Luke not an option? That will be worth watching. They never hesitated moving Warinner up. Would they move Fickell back to his old gig?

Buckrock: Who is the best golfer you've played with?

BG: I would love to answer Trailrunner or Zulu, but they're just the most fun, not the best. I got paired with a young dude last January at a place called Old Corkscrew in Fort Myers who was a stud, and fun to watch. His name is Alex Burge and he plays for the Illinois golf team. He was probably the best player I've ever played with to date.

Folanator: IF you could make one change to the current OSU Program. What would it be?

BG: The only reason to change any aspect of the program would be to improve upon that particular area of the program. There just isn't one thing they don't do really, really well. Why change anything that's going on right now? I would just try to keep everything running as it is currently.

buckballs: SEC is still top to bottom the best True or False? OSU vs Ole Miss? MSU vs Georgia? Wisky vs Bama? Northwestern vs LSU? Mich vs Miss St? Minny vs Tenn? Neb vs Florida? PSU vs Arky? Indiana vs SC?

BG: Yes, the SEC is better than the rest of the conferences, but it's close. In your matchups, I would love to see OSU and Ole Miss, and would favor OSU by a field goal. Michigan State vs. Georgia would be a tossup to me on a neutral field. Bama isn't that good, but already demolished Wisconsin once and probably would again. LSU would roll Northwestern. Michigan and Mississippi State would be a great game, but I would take the Bulldogs by a field goal. Minnesota vs. Tennessee would be tight, but the Vols would win or blow it in the last minute, LOL. Florida would beat Nebraska easily, I think. Penn State and Arkansas would be a slugfest, but the Hogs by a field goal. Indiana and South Carolina is one I wouldn't watch if it were played in my backyard, so both deserve to lose, but I would take the Old Ball Coach by a field goal.

BuckeyeBK: 1. How is the relationship between Urban and Jim H? 2. Is Beck going to be an asset now that he is play calling more? 3. Who's the surprise recruit commit for 2016 or 2017?

BG: Not sure that Harbaugh and Meyer know each other all that well, to be honest, but I really don't know. They need to have Beck/Warinner/Meyer all on the same page, and they aren't there yet. Meyer still owns the offense and has a lot to say on what play gets run, or how they attack the defense on each series. When all three are totally in synch, things will begin to be smoother. I DO have a surprise "possible" commit for 2016, but I'm going to sit on it right now. Don't want to help out the crystal ballers just yet. Give me a month or so.

KansasCityBuckeye: What's it like to work as an assistant for Coach Meyer? What's good? What's bad? Can he admit his own mistakes or do you have to cover for them as an assistant? Who are the best college football head coaches as bosses today (regardless of team success)? Who are the worst?

BG: Urban Meyer is very demanding and very hard to work for, as are Nick Saban and Bill Belicheck. Get the picture? I do not think Urban is real good at admitting his mistakes, LOL, and think the assistants go under the bus first. Don't want to answer the last part for print, but have no problem answering that one on the golf course. HAHA.

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