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Coach Speak: Ohio State Running Back Commit George Hill's Coach Speak series featuring Ohio State commitments from the class of 2016 continues with Hubbard's Brian Hoffman, who coaches four-star running back George Hill.

Hubbard head coach Brian Hoffman spoke with about Ohio State commit and four-star running back George Hill.

BSB: What does he do well from an athletic standpoint?

Hoffman: "He has a natural gift of speed that the average high school kid doesn’t. He can get from point A to point B in a short amount of time." 

BSB: He seems like a pretty versatile guy… in what ways do you utilize him?

Hoffman: "We use George in a variety of ways. We use him in the slot position and a little bit at one back in our offense. He does well in terms of catching the ball on swing passes and running the ball. He shows the ability to run the ball between the tackles and also on the edge."

BSB: What has he improved on throughout his college career?

Hoffman: "One area in which he’s improved upon is understanding the importance of training his body. As far as athletics and getting the most out of his body as a football player, I think he’s grown in that area."

BSB: When did you realize he had the potential to be a high-level Division I recruit?

Hoffman: "His sophomore year he showed the capability of making a lot of explosive plays. That has gone a long ways toward his recruitment."

BSB: Are there any performances of his that stand out as far as showing what he’s capable of doing?

Hoffman: "He’s had some big games when we needed him the most. Last year against our league rivals Warren Howland and Poland Seminary, he had two of his biggest games and showed the ability to run the ball between the tackles. I’m sure he understands the magnitude of the bigger games and understands that he needs to play a vital role."

BSB: What is his relationship like with L.J. Scott?

Hoffman: "I believe they have a very good friendship and still correspond quite often. They hung out quite a bit as teammates."

BSB: How would you describe his personality?

Hoffman: "He’s a pretty reserved kid. He doesn’t say a whole lot. He’s got a good following of friends but he’s a pretty quiet kid."

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