BankBag: OSU Bye Week PART-ONE

Ohio State has an open week on the schedule, so it should be a perfect time for Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscribers.

KentuckBuck: Did OSU staff sort of fall out of love with Walker based on his performance on the field senior year, and decide they could get just as good with Williams?...Do you see him in this class come February?

BG:  I think they still think a lot of him as a player, but became concerned with his insistence on taking multiple visits. The visit to Michigan sent them over the edge, and they went and added Antonio Williams as protection. With the depth chart being a little thin at runningback, taking two makes sense. If Walker wants in, he will be in. I have no clue what he might end up doing. Gotta see who he visits and how they affect him.

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Any Meyer surprise recruits like a KJ Hill that we should start to lock in on? 

BG: I would have Sam Bruce as a player to keep a close eye on going forward. They will also look to add a linebacker, and a few new names should pop up there. The DB board isn't as promising as it looked last summer, so there could be a new name or two popping up there as well. 

buck3362: Bill, Out of the following names, who do you see upgrading their position this off-season?  I realize it is pure speculation, but I'm hoping you can throw out some possible scenarios/thoughts from your crystal ball, Tom Herman, Chris Ash, Matt CampbellLarry Johnson,  (Anyone else on OSU staff)

BG: There are going to be lots of jobs coming open, and good ones, so most of these names are in play. Herman is blowing up for sure. Ash is ready for a head coaching job, and I think he gets one this winter. Matt Campbell needs to go now. He turned down Cincinnati a few years ago, but now is the time for him. Larry Johnson is who he is, and I don't see him moving. Ed Warinner wants a head coaching job, but time may have passed him by. I think the rest of the OSU staff is good. 

91AlumOSU: Complete our 2016 class for us. Is Travis Clay a bigger tool than Mark May or are they both just posting schticks to get clicks? Let's assume OSU runs the B1G gauntlet and is in the playoffs. Who is the biggest threat you believe we have out there? Stanford? Alabama? LSU? Clemson? Baylor/TCU? Someone else I have not mentioned?

BG: Complete 2016? Maybe Antwuan Jackson. Binjimen Victor. Damar Hamlin. New LB. New DB. I actually like Clay Travis, but can see why the pure Ohio State fan would not. Travis and May have forged nice careers for their work, and they have easy targets to arouse. HAHA. Since I had Stanford in the playoffs as Ohio State's opponent in the title game, to much laughter I might add, I'm going to stick with them. 

rkorch: If a coach left in the off season (Ash), would any recruits be at risk to flip?

BG: No, I don't think so. I always had Bruce Judson bolting and told you guys that for months. Kareem Walker is up in the air, but that would have nothing to do with Ash at all. Everyone else should be good.

Buckeyebeef: Where do you see JT/Cardale as an NFL prospects?

BG: Great question, and even though I'm no NFL guru, I will give my thoughts. I don't see either as starting NFL QB's at all. Jones has the arm and size, but lacks so much else that he would need. Barrett is a perfect zone-read, college QB, but does not have the arm strength to start in the NFL. I don't see any starting NFL QB's that are similar to those two, so I don't have either in high regard as NFL prospects. 

BucksNLions: Will Shaun Wade be a buckeye?

BG: It's normally very foolish to think a junior from Florida will commit early to a school, and eventually sign with that same school, but I do think Ohio State will sign Shaun Wade. This is the exception to the Florida rule. 

southcampus: Who coaches USC next year? Next big time program to have a HC availability?

BG: I always thought Jack Del Rio would be perfect for USC, but he seems solid with Oakland. How about someone like Sean Payton? He's a California guy, and the gig at New Orleans has gone sour. He would be perfect, because you need that NFL tie-in there. I can't believe Purdue thinks they have a bright future with Darrell Hazell, but I haven't heard of him being in trouble at all. 

USFbuckeyeBG: Who is going to be the Head Coach of "The U"? Is Mario Cristoball a quality hire?

BG: I think Cristobal has to be the favorite, and he would have backing from the former players and coaches. He has head coaching experience and he's worked for Nick Saban the past few years. Good resume enhancer. 

jclvd23: Adding on to this, your best guesses for who fills the South Carolina and Miami vacancies as well. Thoughts on a couple possibilities of where Ash might end up?

BG: Cristobal at Miami. Maybe Justin Fuente from Memphis or Alabama DC Kirby Smart would work for South Carolina. Two quality coaches. I could see Chris Ash replacing Matt Campbell at Toledo, or maybe going higher and getting the Memphis job if Fuente leaves. 

urbanplease: Torrence Gibson and Mike Weber status..did not see either of them dress VS. Rutgers

BG: Torrance is Torrance, meaning there will always be issues and questions until he is starting. We keep hearing Weber is close to being healthy, but maybe he just redshirts now? He's missed a lot of time. 

buckeyeinsc: Does Ohio State, in your opinion land one of the Big D Tackle fish they are tracking?  Seems that is a spot where OSU can use an immediate stud.

BG: I think they will get either Antwuan Jackson or Rashard Lawrence, and I would have Jackson higher in probability. Finishing second on studs like Christian Wilkins and Terry Beckner, and having to settle for Robert Landers and DaVon Hamilton hurts right now. Either of the first two guys would be playing for OSU right now.

raider2426: What happened to all of the wr screens that were a part of our offense a couple years ago? Torrance gibson's role next year? How much longer will Osu be a spread option team?

BG: Good question on the WR screens, because Curtis Samuel and Braxton Miller would be perfect for a few of those per game. Gibson needs a role next year, or it won't be pretty. I'm guessing wide receiver, with Miller, Corey Smith and Mike Thomas leaving. I think Ohio State will be a spread option team as long as Urban Meyer is the head coach. It's his baby.

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