BankBag: OSU Bye Week PART-TWO

Ohio State has an open week on the schedule, so it should be a perfect time for Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscribers. Here is PART-TWO.

peeblesbuck: How has our QB coaching been up to this point based on what you've seen by Beck from Nebraska? If you feel it hasn't been up to par do you see him remaining on the staff next year or do you see Urban going out and getting another coach to upgrade that position?

BG: I think he's doing about what was expected. It was going to be tough for anyone to walk into the QB controversey, but I think he did a good job with both guys. Would not think he's going to be replaced.

Bucknutz1: What is the word on Damon Webb?  He coming back or will he be gone?

BG: I really like the kid and his family, and I don't know the specifics here. But from what I've heard, it's not good. Let's hope for the best.

mrbigbux: Does Iowa show up at the B1G Championship game undefeated?

BG: They are really playing well, even with the tons of injuries they've had. It's hard to go undefeated, and I think they will have a tough time winning out, even though they play some bad teams. 

dirtysouthbucks: any concerns about trevon grimes?  seems like he hasn't visited for a while....

BG: Zero concerns with Grimes. And I have a pretty good source on this one. 

rollymolly2: Walker... How did he look this weekend in Ohio and did he make it to the Rutgers game? Does he sign his name to OSU in Feb?

BG: His film was OK from that game, pretty consistent with what I've seen all year. Without seeing him live, it's more of a guess and I will leave his ranking to those that have seen him in person. Hard to say where he signs, to be honest. Ohio State will take him, but he's adamant about taking all his visits, so you wait and see. 

rollymolly2: Any info on how the freshmen OL are progressing?

BG: The only one I've really heard rave reviews on has been Isaiah Prince. Tough for true freshmen to make an impact at offensive line. Next spring will be huge for them, with most of the line leaving. 

AmendmentXXI: Best guess on the whole list of NFL early enrollees ?

BG: Mike Thomas, Vonn Bell, Zeke Elliott, Cardale Jones, Darron Lee, Cameron Johnston, Joey Bosa and Pat Elflein are gone, from what I'm being told. Tyvis Powell, Eli Apple and Jalin Marshall are coming back. But this is only November. I should know more after the Big Ten title game. Long way to go until firm decisions are made, and things can change. 

draylogan67: You mentioned last year (and I agreed) that putting the improved defense aside, one of the reasons we won last year is we finally developed a passing game. We had a guy who could stand in the pocket and deliver a strike on 3rd and 16. I know Cardale has struggled this year, and the move to JT HAD to be made. But don't you still believe that when we face the big boys, they will take away the QB running game, and we will need that type of QB again? Can JT do this?

BG: I believe in J.T. Barrett as the best quarterback for this team, assuming all of them are healthy. I would take J.T. over either Cardale Jones or Braxton Miller. It's hard to take away the running game when Ohio State is running the zone read, because the option presents so many problems when run correctly. Neither Jones or Miller runs it all that well. Barrett is a master at it, which opens up the passing game. It's easier to throw against a defense stacked to stop the zone read, than it is throwing with their quasi pro-style deal they ran with Cardale Jones.

cscott1: Do you think the deaths of several  high school football players this season  will result  in some school corporations moving  closer to dropping football completely?

BG: I definitely worry about the future of the sport going forward. The increased awareness of head trauma is causing people to consider whether they want their loved ones playing football. My son is now 25, and I was thrilled when he played high school football. My grandson is eight years old and is playing. Can't say I'm thrilled about him playing through high school though. The equipment is 100X better today, but at the higher levels the game is still played by big, strong, fast physical specimens. 

tennbuck27: How do you think the JT Barrett zone-read offense fares against talented defensive fronts?  Do you like the matchup against a team like Alabama? 

BG: Against the talented Penn State front, Ohio State went right through them with the zone read. I think it's the best way for Urban Meyer to play, because it's the offense he knows best. The spread gives Nick Saban more trouble than the pro style, and it's not even close. If given their choice, Alabama would rather play Cardale Jones again than face this offense run by J. T. Barrett. In private moments, I would guess Nick Saban can't believe he lost that game to Ohio State last year. You only get one shot, and Alabama got their butts kicked, but I think Saban would love that matchup again. From what I saw out of the Cardale Jones offense this year, I think Ohio State could still beat Alabama with him. But I like the J.T. Barrett offense better going against Alabama.

victor64: Cameron Johnston. Stay or go?  Before you laugh. He is older, can't really get much better, I think graduated and they are bringing in a punter next year. Do recruits look at how many kids redshirted and reconsider?  4 out of 25 have played. From what you have seen, who has done the best of Hill, Munger and Sprinkle?

BG: Not laughing at all on Johnston. I think he will go, and I think he should go. What would he have to prove? He is who he is. I don't think average recruits look at redshirting and reconsider, but the top guys want to play and that's something they consider heavily. Of the defensive tackles opposite Adolphus Washington, I would throw Joel Hale into the group you mentioned. Have not been real impressed with any of them, to be honest. Maybe Michael Hill? 

rdsbucks: Next HC at UCF? My nephew was wondering.

BG: It's actually a place you can win at, and I think it's a decent job. I've heard P.J. Fleck and D.J. Durkin listed as potential coaches. LIke both very much.

ModOSU: What are the odds Butch Davis becomes the next head coach at The U?

BG: I just don't see that all. He's up there in age. He's had NCAA issues recently. And more important, he caused a lot of hard feelings when he left Miami for the Browns, and people still hate him for that. They feel the switch from Butch to Larry Coker ended the dynasty that could have went on for a while.

BuckeyePavs: Do you feel that Urban flat out told Cardale that he would be the starter at the Glenville Press conference?  Do you feel that is why Cardale returned, and that is why Urban has stuck with him so long (until he was left no choice)?  Was the press conference at Glenville originally meant for a pro declaration announcement?  Do you think Cardale will say anything about this because he is upset?  

BG: I find it hard to believe Urban Meyer played Cardale Jones one minute longer than he wanted to because of a promise. To me, Cardale Jones is an adult and he made his decision, regardless of what Meyer might have told him. Urban Meyer's job is to win games. Period. When Ryan Shazier and his family looked at the decision of leaving Ohio State early, or going to the NFL, they had a team of people they wanted opinions from. Urban Meyer was not a part of that decision making team, nor should he have been in my opinion. Of course Urban Meyer wanted Shazier back. He will want Thomas, Bell, Elflein and Lee back as well. I do not know whether the Glenville press conference was scheduled to be his declaration for the draft, but once I got there I was told to not be surprised if he stayed by someone I trust. I was the only media person tweeting that Cardale might be announcing he's staying from the event. Everyone else had him leaving at 100%. As for what he SHOULD have done? He should have left. But he is an adult, and he did what he thought was best for his future. In the end, it's always the athlete's choice. And they are the ones that have to live with it. Not their college head coach.

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