BankBag: OSU Bye Week PART-THREE

Ohio State has an open week on the schedule, so it should be a perfect time for Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscribers. Here is PART-THREE.

GreatBraffsby: Two questions 1. Which current starters are going to be drafted in the first 3 rounds  2. Can any other team match the skill position talent and depth of Elliott, Thomas, Marshall, Braxton, Samuel, Wilson, Dixon and Campbell?

BG: Bosa. Washington. Lee. Perry. Bell. Vannett. Thomas. Zeke. Elflein. Decker. Braxton. As to the skill guys, that's a pretty solid group and the first five you mentioned are special. 

HannibalBuck: Which of the freshmen look like they might be contributors in the future?Are there any that seem to be in over their heads?

BG: Isaiah Prince, K.J. Hill, Torrance Gibson, Joey Burrow, Denzel Ward and Justin Hilliard are the ones I hear mentioned the most. Too soon to write off any of the others. 

bloodofabuck: Can you give us your thoughts and/or a breakdown if you will of the Jabrill note? Seems to be a burning topic here and one that most of the members here really seem to enjoy for some odd reason...

BG: I opened it to see what it was because I love the kid's talent. Once I read a few lines and saw what it was, I closed it and moved on. That garbage doesn't hit my radar, but I understand why people like that stuff. It's just not for me. 

WBURGBUCKI: Urban Harbaugh Dantonio Franklin please rank in order of most remaining years in the B10.

BG: Very tough to say, because it's the coaching profession and it's highly unpredictable. I believe Franklin is the youngest, and he might be the one guy that could jump to another job, but he seems set on Penn State right now. He is also having the least success, and would be the one guy that needs to up the win total going forward. I believe the other three could be in their spots for a long while, as all appear to have jobs they are very happy with. 

internationalbuckeye: Who replaces JT in 2 years?

BG:I think it will be Joey Burrow, but if Torrance Gibson gets moved back to QB full time, Urban might be intrigued with his running abilties. 

phatassjungle: How do we stack up against scUM in the outhouse? Score?

BG:I will give out that guess a few days before the game when I see all the factors. Right now, I would have it a tossup game and can see either team winning. I would expect Ohio State to be favored, but the line should be around 3 I would guess. I'm expecting a war that goes to the wire. 

mrbigbux: What would you place the odds at for both OSU and Sparty to both agree to move the game to a night game?

BG: It would make all the sense in the world to me, and I can't believe it's not a night game. I just assumed it was the prime time game in the evening. That really shocks me. I guess Michigan State would not agree to do that, but I'm just guessing. 

woodyguy: Lattimore looked very good in the Rutgers game... What do you see in his future??

BG: I agree with you 100%. I think he has looked good since he had a few shaky moments early in the Indiana game. I think he will be the nickel going forward, and could play safety next year when Vonn Bell leaves. They could then put Denzel Ward at the nickel.

cjdjbucknuts: Which western division team do you see coming out of that dumpster fire going forward assuming Iowa does this year.Who becomes the best team over there?

BG: I think Iowa is in great shape to win it this year, but there's a lot of football left to be played. Going forward? I can see it being a tossup of average teams over the next decade. Pretty vanilla programs in that group.

jnmbuck: What was your opinion of DeShone Kizer when in HS. Did Ohio State recruit him very hard?

BG: I liked him far more than either Allen Trieu or Dave Berk did, and time will tell who was right. I thought Ohio State should have taken him when QB recruiting fell apart for them that summer. I still like him a lot. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: If offered, would Larry Johnson take a HC position or is he content to be an assistant for the rest of his career?

 BG: I think he would definitely take one if it were offered, but I don't see that happening at all. Not sure he's ever been a defensive coordinatoir before. Think he's a career assistant.

jnmbuck: If you were Danny Clark's advisor, would you suggest he scub his buckeye tatoo and look elsewhere for an offense that better fits his skill set?

BG: No, I would not. Danny has wanted to play for Ohio State his entire life, and this is a dream come true for him. As long as Ohio State really wants him, and these schools have a way of letting you know when they don't, I would stay committed. He needs to listen to Tim Beck and Urban Meyer very closely on what they want him to work on. He is having a very good junior season, I might add.

Sports509: Is expansion dead? Thoughts on Franklin's job at PSU? In your opinion is Iowa for real?

BG: Expansion cannot be dead. There seems to be too much that is still unsettled with Notre Dame. And the Big-12 seems to be a mess as well. I like James Franklin a lot, and Penn State is just starting to dig out from the hole the NCAA put them in. He's a great recruiter and his teams play hard. Next year will be a key year for them because he's going to have a lot of his guys on the field. Iowa looks really good right now, and I think they will be in the Big Ten title game. But there is still a lot of football left to be played. They aren't good enough to just show up, and run through their schedule. They need to continue to play well. 

ufmeyer: Whose a better pro lee or shazier? Hyde or zeke? Do you see nick bosa playing as much as Joey did as a freshman?

BG: I think Darron Lee is set to be a star in the NFL. I also think Ryan Shazier has played really well when he's healthy, but he has to get healthy and stay on the field. I would go with Lee by a whisker. I think Zeke will be a more complete player than Hyde, but Carlos is in a bad situtation right now in San Francisco. I do see Nick Bosa playing a lot next year for Ohio State, but I'm not sure he beats out Hubbard or Lewis right off the bat. 

Bucks4eva: With the change at QB and the zone read offense that has come with that change, do you see that hurting WR recruiting going forward due to the lack of passing opportunities?

BG: I don't think so. Urban has always run the QB a lot in his career, and he still is able to recruit good wide receivers. You just have to know you aren't going to catch a ton of balls in this system, and go from there. He is still a master recruiter for every position on the field.

B1LLBrasky: It's sept 2020. Who are the top 5 big ten teams...And...What are 3 changes made to keep the "stadium experience" very relevant for the younger generations....

BG: In 2020, I think the top five teams will be a combination of Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State and Wisconsin. I'm probably not the guy to ask about stadium changes at all, because I'm far more of a sports bar with friends and family guy. Like the food better. Easier to to talk to people. And you can follow other games on the screens and not be locked into watching just one game. Better experience for hanging with a large group. 

KansasCityBuckeye: Prediction for the Kansas City Royals vs whoever they are playing in the World Series...  MVP?

BG: Right now the Royals are up 2-0 and it looks like they are going to win it all. I thought the Mets would win the series behind their pitching, and it might not be over yet. I like the Royals a lot though, and love that they battled back to the World Series after last year's disappointing end. For MVP? I love Alcides Escobar and think he's a stud.

RSH1984: At the same point in the season last year which team would you rather have going forward from here. This years team or last years team and what is the biggest difference?

BG: Interesting question. I think this year's team is more talented, without question. I think this is the most talented team in the country from top to bottom. I did not think that last year at this time. I'm always a sucker for talent. 

chex1868: Any insight on Matty Mauk situation? Why was he suspended? Who do you think starts at RB next year for OSU? Will Luke ever take a HC elsewhere? With Texans looking like a disaster if O'Brien and his staff gets canned, what do you think will happen to Vrabel? Does he stay in the NFL? Would he jump back to college to join Luke's staff if he were to get a HC job?

BG: No clue on the Mauk situation. I know his dad has been fighting cancer, but don't know much else. I think Samuel, Weber and Dunn fight for reps in next year's backfield at runningback. Tough call on Luke, because he and his wife love being at Ohio State and living in Columbus. It's going to be tough for him to leave Ohio State, but the lure of being head coach again might be too tough to pass up. Vrabel is perfect for the NFL, but he was surprisingly an amazing recruiter at the college level. I don't think Vrabel jumps back with Luke if that happens to be at a MAC school. Vrabel is VERY highly thought of, so he would land on his feet somewhere. 

KentuckBuck: Discussion on Sirius this morning that both Notre Dame and Georgia jobs could also open up this year (Kelly to NFL or USC and Richt canned if he can't win a putrid SEC East)...your thoughts on likely replacements??

BG: I just don't see Georgia firing Richt, but if they do, Kirby Smart would finally leave Alabama and take that job in a second. I've always thought Kelly would take the Giants job when Tom Coughlin retires, but that might not happen for another 10 years or so. (HAHA). Notre Dame would be a dream job for 90% of the college head coaches, so they would get a good one for sure. Maybe Bob Stoops? 

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