Ohio State Football: CFP Rankings Clarify Path To Playoff

Ohio State was listed sixth in the newest College Football Playoff rankings, lending clarity to what the Buckeyes need to happen to make the playoff.

Ohio State moved up into the top six of the College Football playoff rankings, lending clarity as to what will need to happen for the Buckeyes to receive a chance to defend their national championship.

Clemson, Alabama and Oklahoma led the way in the top three spots with Iowa and Michigan State following in fourth and fifth.

Either the Hawkeyes or Spartans will presumably be eliminated via a conference title game loss, but the victor would also presumably make the playoff. With Oklahoma no longer playing, that leaves two spots virtually guaranteed. To sneak into the top four, Ohio State would need either Clemson to lose to North Carolina or Alabama to lose to Florida.

The Buckeyes might also need USC to win the Pac-12 to prevent the possibility of being jumped by No. 7 Stanford. North Carolina’s win would increase the Tar Heels’ résumé, but six spots would be an awfully large one-week jump.

College Football Playoff Top 25

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Oklahoma

4. Iowa

5. Michigan State

6. Ohio State

7. Stanford

8. Notre Dame

9. Florida State

10. North Carolina

11. TCU

12. Baylor

13. Ole Miss

14. Northwestern

15. Michigan

16. Oregon

17. Oklahoma State

18. Florida

19. Houston

20. USC

21. LSU

22. Temple

23. Navy

24. Utah

25. Tennessee

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