Bank Bag: OSU Season Ends PART-ONE

Ohio State has finished the regular season at 11-1 and will next play Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers on the Buckeye season and more.

mancow3: Any truth to the Meyer to Browns rumor?  ANY way Meyer leaves? 

BG: He's not going to clean up that mess in Cleveland. Meyer is more than 50 years old. He might not live long enough to fix that thing. And NO, he's not leaving Ohio State for any other job. I think this is the last coaching stop before returning to ESPN. I think he has another 5-10 years left at Ohio State. 

HannibalBuck: You've mentioned before Brian Kelly and the NY Giants job, is that still a possibility? With a new coach at Maryland and OSU still sending offers to QB, could OSU get involved again with the Haskins kid? Any other QBs on the radar?

BG: Until that job opens you never know, but I know Kelly has connections with the Giants. I think it has legs. Our Maryland site reported Haskins will visit Ohio State this weekend, so there's your answer on him. They also offered Tylin Oden, but that one seems like a bigger reach than they need to take to me.

ohsyou: What does our coaching staff look like next year?  Tim Beck gone or does he stay as a "co-coordinator" like Luke?  New OL coach and make Warriner sole OC?  Does Urban make Luke our sole DC or bring in another "co-coordinator"?

BG: Beck is as much "co" coordinator as Fickell is "co" on defense. It's a title. I would never replace Warinner as O-line coach, because he's great at that job. I saw nothing this year that makes me think he should be QB coach and OC. I do not think Luke gets the defense back. Think they go find the next Chris Ash.

GreatBraffsby: Do you think that the coaches have done a good job keeping younger players hungry and involved this year? I'm worried that there was so much emphasis on winning the title that the soon-to-be-departing studs drew the bulk of the coaching staff's attention. Coupling that with the lack of blowouts for younger players to enter, do you think the nature of this season put OSU at a disadvantage for the future in terms of player development?

BG: This was a legitimate national championship year. With so many returning starters, that was where the emphasis needed to be. This might hurt them next year, but there really wasn't the chance to play a lot of young guys this season. 

Pavs38: Bank... how does one go about getting into the business you are in? I love what guys like you and Birm and others do, and have always been fascinated with doing it.

BG: Most of the older guys in this business started the way I did. You make a name for yourself on message boards as someone who has the goods. You then try to find someone who thinks you should be paid and wants to hire you. That path has worked recently for Derek Young and Jeremy Birmingham with Ohio State information. 

buckzip: Finish our recruiting class.

BG: Impossible to say today, and even Urban Meyer wouldn't know. I think we are going to see a new QB emerge. I think Antwuan Jackson is a strong possibility at defensive tackle. Malik Harrison is IN, only a matter of time. The departure of Ash totally throws open defensive back recruiting. That is now a crap-shoot. Still think they have life with Binjimen Victor. They need a wide receiver to pair with Austin Mack. 

peeblesbuck: Do you think we will have many/any transfers off of this year's team? Gibson, Weber, and others it appears have not been happy they didn't see the field this year, but of course their injuries set them back. Also, starting wide receivers for next year? Will Gibson, if he stays, be a likely starter at wide out?

BG: I could possibly see Brionte Dunn looking to graduate and go somewhere he could play, but I don't know that. Some younger guys are whining a little, but that happens every year at every school. Next year's receivers should be Noah Brown and K.J. Hill. Throw in Jalin Marshall for sure if he returns. Austin Mack should have a shot. Gotta see where they line up Curtis Samuel and Torrance Gibson. If they are at wideout, they're going to play. 

buckeyeinsc: There have been some thoughts about Wallace maybe not being the guy.  Can you share why or what is going on?  Also, in another thread someone asked about Vrabel becoming DC and you said not that a clash between Vrabel and Meyer or just not experienced enough?

BG: I would never look to embarrass a kid, but it might be Ohio State deciding Wallace is not the guy they thought he was as a QB. Or the kid realizes he will never be an NFL QB, and is looking to be a WR at the college level. I do not see Vrabel coming back. They need a DB coach to replace Ash. If they bring back Vrabel, either Larry Johnson or Luke Fickell has to go. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Did Urban reach out to Lincoln Reiley last year, or did he want Beck from Day 1 because of his ties with Warrnier?

BG: I think Beck was Urban's guy from the jump. Never heard another name mentioned at all. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: Of those eligible, who stays and who goes?

BG: I believe Bosa, Lee, Thomas, Bell and Cardale Jones are gone. I have those looking closely at going as Jalin Marshall, Eli Apple, Cameron Johnston and Pat Elflein. I would guess two of them are gone. I do not think TYvis Powell is NFL material, so he should just come back and learn as much as he can about coaching.

NorthPoleBuckeye: can you explain your comment "Seems like there are things happening inside this class."?

BG: Well there are obvious things happening with the QB position, and that info is pretty much out there now. The wide receiver group might not yield a commit from Nate Craig, Binjimen Victor, Sam Bruce or Donnie Corley. The DB recruiting is totally back to square one. Lot going on with this class that still has it very much open ended. 

TB777: Heard from very reliable source that Urban made the offensive playcalls against MSU, and Ed made them against Michigan regardless of what was said in public quarters. Have you heard similar from your reliable sources?

BG: Most overrated topic in sports, but it's a favorite among fans so I will play along. Whoever calls the plays, be it Warinner, Beck, or Stephen Collier is only a suggestion. Urban Meyer takes over play calling at various times in the game. He also overrules any play called that he does not approve of. The difference between MSU and Michigan was the fact that they recognized they have a tailback that's pretty good against the Wolverines. When they decide to run Zeke Elliott behind an O-line that is blocking well, you could have a 6-year old call plays from Block-O. This offense is 100% Urban Meyer's baby. He runs the offense. Warinner and Beck are helper bees. When things get tight and they decide to go all out single-wing and run the QB, that's not on Tim Beck. It happened the first 2 years with Tom Herman. Whoever is the "offensive coordinator" will do things EXACTLY as Urban wants them done. Now, I will say that I believe Herman earned a lot of capital with Urban and was given more rope as last season went along, but this was not Tom Herman's offense at any point in his tenure. Meyer coaches the offensive staff to do things the way he wants them done. Exactly the way Nick Saban does with his defense at Alabama. Whether it's Kirby Smart, Mel Tucker or Jeremy Pruitt, they aren't doing anything defensively that Nick Saban hasn't told them he wants. Every game plan. Every play call. Nick has his hand on his defense. Same way with Urban and the offense. He approves the game plan, or it goes to the toilet. He approves every play call. Or it gets replaced and overruled by Meyer himself. AND to make a long answer shorter, NO I did not hear that Urban called plays against Michigan State and Warinner called them against Michigan. That would mean that Urban Meyer demoted himself after the Michigan State game. I don't think that happened. I think as a staff they got together the night of the MSU loss and said "What the (blank) did we just do? We ignored the best player in America." Call me when you see Alabama give only 2 carries to Derrick Henry in the second half against Michigan State, and I will admit I'm wrong. Against Michigan State, the offensive staff messed it up. And Urban Meyer is the capo of that staff. He has to own it. Even great coaches are not perfect coaches. 

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