Bank Bag: OSU Season Ends PART-TWO

Ohio State has finished the regular season at 11-1 and will next play Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers on the Buckeye season and more. Here is PART-TWO.

TB777: DO you expect OSU to get back to WR's in more traditional roles like they had last year with Devin Evan, Michael, and then a single H-Back type player in Jalin, or is this year's mix more the norm going forward with many more H-Back type of Percy Harvin equivalents around a single true WR in Michael Thomas?

BG: I think Noah Brown was set up to start this year. The big questions for next would be Curtis Samuel and Torrance Gibson. What positions do they play? Look for K.J. Hill to make noise as a wideout. Not at all sold on Parris Campbell, A.J. Alexander or James Clark. The health of Johnnie Dixon looks bad. They have a lot of questions for next year that are tough to answer right now. 

woodyguy: Is there much "concern" regarding the leaving of any of the present coaching staff? Who are (would be) the most critical losses and the impact of their leaving>

BG: The Ash loss is gigantic, and you have to wait and see who Meyer brings in to run the defense. But right now, this is huge. On offense, do they make Tim Beck walk the plank? Don't have that answer yet. I don't see anyone else leaving.

rollymolly2: Do we beat ND. No Ash. What team will show up for this game? The one at Ann Arbor or the MSU at the shoe. Remember no rain, no wind, and warm weather at the Fiesta Bowl.

BG: The only comparison I can make for Notre Dame would be the Clemson Bowl Game. Ohio State had nothing to play for, but played their tails off against Clemson and just came up short. There was the Noah Spence suspension. Guys leaving early for the NFL. And they had lost the heartbreaker to Michigan State in the B10 title game. They still played hard. 

TB777: If you could have one PGA player's golf game right now which one would you pick? Would you go for the long hitter for show such as Dustin Johnson, a tremendous competitor and all-around player like Jordan Spieth, an all-around young superstar in Rory, or a different player?

BG: I would go for a long hitter who has also proven he can WIN. Therefore, it would be Rory. Jordan Spieth is great. But the difference in length between he and Rory makes Spieth have to be so much better to beat him. That's tough to do consistently over time.

Bronkobuck: Starting OSU WR's next year? What would you do as GM for Browns with the #1 '16 pick knowing what you now now? Do you anticipate any OSU position switches?

BG: Maybe Jalin Marshall (if he returns), Noah Brown and K.J. Hill. With Curtis Samuel at the slot. I would take Joey Bosa at number-one for the Browns. A sure difference-maker. Position switches? Gotta see where Curtis Samuel and Torrance Gibson line up. I would move Parris Campbell to cornerback. 

mrbigbux: You reported that the OSU coaches had been told that if we were not Final 4 we would be Rose. Obviously this was not true. How could this info be given to OSU if not 100% accurate. Rose committee screwup? Gene Smith screwup? Somebody else screwup?

BG: Great question and I don't know that answer. You hear so much stuff this time of year about the committee and matchups, that it's tough to know who to believe. 

TB777: Favorite all-time Movie, TV show, Actor, Actress?

BG: Man, we are digging deep here, LOL. How about Godfather I for movie. L.A. Law from the '80's as TV show. Gene Hackman for actor. And Meryl Streep for actress. 

DVo45: 1. What young guys do you expect to step up next season? 2. List of possible Ash replacements? 3. Will OSU ever respond when I send them my resume?

BG: I've heard good things about Denzel Ward, Justin Hilliard, Jerome Baker, Mike Weber and Isaiah Prince. The list to replace Ash would be endless. And meaningless unless you are Urban Meyer. They will never respond to you with me as a reference.

TB777: Rank the top 3 OSU coaches in order to close a top recruit? Who would be the two OSU coaches behind the rest of the staff when it comes to recruiting? Was Beck brought in more for his ability to recruit Texas and that part of the country, or for his actual coaching abilities on the field?

BG: I've great things about Luke Fickell, Zach Smith and Tony Alford from recruits. Not answering the two behind, because that would be hurtful and just a guess. Beck was hired to do both. Urban wants great position coaches that are great recruiters. 

DVo45: Thoughts on Narduzzi as a Head Coach?

BG: He's doing a great job at Pitt, and I think they overachieved this year. He learned from Mark Dantonio, who learned from Jim Tressel. I think he's going to be a good one.

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Was Connor Cook snubbing Archie the real Connor Cook or do you really think it was an oversight on his part? I do find it odd he was not chosen as a captain.

BG: I know Connor from his days in high school, and this is totally out of character for him. He is a very respectful kid. I can easily see how he got caught up in the moment. He instantly apologized and I think it's just an embarrassing moment for him. One to be forgotten. No big deal. 

dplaw: It seems like Urban has recruited and land some nice speedy WRs yet our passing game is sad.  Does OSU not have any current WRs with speed that can spread the defense and catch the ball?

BG: I would think any team in the country would like to have Jalin Marshall, Braxton Miller and Curtis Samuel in their wide receiver group as speedsters. Add Mike Thomas and Nick Vannett to them. It's not talent. It's scheme, or lack of a top flight passing attack.

bucknutsinurface: How do view this team next year, with all the current possible early entries in the draft?

BG: Until we know exactly who's coming back it's hard to say. Every possible NFL guy you get back is a positive for next year. This should be a Top-20 team that is tough to beat. 

buckeyebri15: 1.  Who is the favorite to get DC job?  2. If Beck leaves, do you think Warriner becomes QB/OC and we hire ND or Maryland's OL coach? 3. Which underclassman is ready for "showtime"? 4. Realistic record next year?  Who do we lose to?

BG: There is no favorite to get the DC job and I don't think that person is on the staff now. Probably won't know until after the bowl game. I would not let Warinner coach QB's. He's been a darn good O-line coach. I would keep him there. I'm anxious to hear about Torrance Gibson, K.J. Hill, Mike Weber and Eric Glover-Williams. Next year is tough to predict before you know who's leaving, but I think they will be a good team. Say 10-2 or 9-3. 

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