Bank Bag: OSU Season Ends PART-THREE

Ohio State has finished the regular season at 11-1 and will next play Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers on the Buckeye season and more. Here is PART-THREE.

buckeyebones: What is your background in sports Bill? Tell us what sports and positions you played, what you liked best, where you played. Any coaching? When did you get into reporting and scouting talent?

BG: I was a basketball and baseball kid growing up and played for (Massillon) Perry. Went to Kent State, but did not play for the Flashes other than a year of baseball at the Stark County Branch of KSU. Coached basketball in the summers for East Canton. Coached my son in summer baseball from age 6 through 18. The football scouting thing started way before Scout was conceived. Back in the early days of the internet, I was on the football message boards of AOL. I developed a reputation of a guy in the know, and just loved going to high school football games and trying to follow recruiting. From my posts on the internet, college coaches would contact me looking for info and film. When Scout and Rivals popped up, it created a spot for me. The rest is history.

victor64: Latest thoughts on Torrence Gibson? Annoyed offensive players about the play calling?  Will it lead to staff changes? Still can't figure out why there isn't more love for Brionte Dunn.  I realize Zeke but not even 5 carries a game?

BG: With Torrance, there's an amazing amount of talent, but you worry about him when he's not involved. I would have played him this year just to keep him in the game mentally. Annoyed players would be the last reason to make changes. Urban being annoyed would lead to changes. I thought Brionte played well when called upon. No clue if he will return next year, or transfer to get playing time elsewhere.

sampsonthemighty: recruiting;; why is urban reaching? I know he didn't get everyone he wanted but why get stuck with guys who cant play for 4/5 years? why does the staff redshirt players such as webber? these guys wont stay 5 years such as marshall, no way he stays 5. other then o-linemen it really makes no sense.

BG: The class isn't complete yet, so it's a little soon to talk "reaching". If you mean Malik Harrison, he's a fantastic athlete who has a chance to develop. All great programs take kids like this. Even Alabama. Nobody gets all first-choices in recruiting. I think they want to play freshmen, but this year didn't really allow for that. Plus, some of them were hurt for long periods of time, which hirts their chances.

drewsus: Some of the underclassmen offensive skill players you mentioned are considering leaving this due to being disgruntled with their under-utilization in the offense or a genuine belief that the time is now to go get paid?

BG: I wouldn't know who fall into this group but Jalin Marshall, and I think he should stay. I think these guys have a burning desire to play in the NFL, and that's why they come to Ohio State. You have to go when the NFL is ready to pay you, assuming it's a no-brainer that coming back would not be worth the risk of injury. For Marshall, I would come back. It's worth the risk of injury, because I think he's a 5-7 round player. Mike Thomas needs to go. Can only hurt himself by returning. Zeke ABSOLUTELY needs to go. Not even worth a minute of consideration. 

FTLBuck: Where do you see us finishing next year with our tough schedule and turnover. Where do you see the Big 10 next year?

BG: Until I know what the roster will be, that's very tough to say. I would guess Ohio State will be a 10-2, 9-3, type of team. A team that's very hard to beat and is young, but talented. The Big 10 probably will drop back to who they usually are. Think Michigan could come up, while OSU and MSU take a stap back.

viperdriver: Do you think Little Bosa lives up to the hype of his Big Brother?

BG: Gotta see how he recovers from his injury, but he absolutely has that kind of potential. I see him playing next season if he is 100% healthy.

gstrike001: What happened with the recruitment of Kareem Walker and why did it turn so quick? Also what happened with the recruitment of Rashaun Gary and why did he never give Ohio State a chance?

BG: Walker was never really "committed", and visited every school in America. The visit to Michigan was the last straw. They gave him 24 hours to drop the visit plan and get with the program, and he refused. That ended it for him and OSU. Gary HAS given OSU a chance. In fact, a few chances, but things just never clicked for him with Ohio State.

gstrike001: Do you think George Hill can be a featured RB in college? If so then why did Ohio State drop him after talking his commitment?

BG: I do think George can be a feature back. Michigan State sure wants him, and their talent evaluation is really good. Ohio State saw George as a slot receiver, and they just have so many of those on the roster. I don't think he can play DB.

gstrike001: Is there any chance that Ohio State would make a late offer to Antoine Winfield Jr.? What are your thoughts on him as a player and why Ohio State was not that interested? He seems like a nice under the radar prospect that could develop down the road.

BG: Now that DB recruiting is being completely reshuffled, maybe it happens? I thought he was pretty good in camp. 

03natchamps: I'm over the loss to MSU. Just not over the WAY they lost. I get the weather conditions were abysmal yet BOTH teams had to deal with it. Urban Meyer is one of the best ever. Anyone can say whatever they want about the offensive coaching this year. Heard it all. The team had arguably the greatest assembly of playmakers in OSU football history.  Can you explain what the hell happened in the second half much less, why when faced with the choice, OSU didn't take the wind in the 4th, use any of its timeouts at end of 1st half, lack of adjustments made at halftime and of course 2 carries for Zeke in 2nd half? Hindsight makes the questions much simpler however the entire staff and players knew it was a must win, AT HOME, on senior day. 

BG: Urban Meyer is either one or two right now in college coaching, with Nick Saban. Rank them where you want. Meyer is also building on a career that will more than likely see him retire as one of the greatest college football coaches in the history of the game. My answer would be that he's not perfect, and has bad days like everyone else. That certainly was not a well coached game on his part. And it came against a top flight coach in Mark Dantonio. Bad day to have a bad day for the Ohio State coaching staff. They could have gotten away with it against any other team on the schedule. Not Michigan State though. 

curt414: If you were to ask Urban this question what do you think he would answer. Which is harder coaching a team with so many returning players who have had much success or coaching a team that will have so many new starters who haven't had success yet? 

BG: Great question. One could probably write a book on this subject. I think it's definitely harder coaching the returning talent, but every coach in America would sign up for coaching the returning talent every time. Experienced talent might be harder to motivate, but they give you a chance to win every game. Young guys will pay attention, but will make so many mistakes that get you beat somewhere along the way. But they will be easier to coach. I think this year started with suspensions, and got capped off by the Barrett suspension. You never want that stuff to deal with, and I think it really showed how difficult it was this year. 

buckatborder: Don't you think the young pups could make a splash and win the B1G next year? If not, what is the weakness that we can't overcome?

BG: Never say Never when you're dealing with talented players. And they have talent. Everything starts up front, and the O-line needs Pat Elflein to return. Even if he does, you're dealing with a rebuild. The wide receiver position is completely unproven. Who carries the football 10-15 times between the guards, to establish the power game? Who replaces Bosa and Washington? Keeping Darron Lee and Eli Apple would be huge, but if they go, who plays those spots? Who kicks the football? Lots of question marks, for sure, but the replacements will be talented. 

1BUCKI: How was the relationship between Jim Tressel and Dantonio at the end of Tressel's coaching tenure at OSU? Is it true that Dantonio/MSU staff gave some assistance to Saban in preparing for OSU in last year's CFP?

BG: I think Tressel and Dantonio have always been close, and still are today. There had to be a part of Jim Tressel that was smiling after the Michigan State win over Ohio State. Especially winning that game the way they won it. I have never been told that Michigan State tried to help Alabama defeat Ohio State last year, so I have no clue if that's true or not. I don't think there's much love between Dantonio and Meyer, but that would surprise me. I would guess that's not true, but I'm totally guessing. 

gstrike001: Do you think the Buckeyes move on from Tim Beck and will Mike Locksley be considered as a candidate for the OC/QB coach at Ohio State?

BG: No clue on Beck, but we should know pretty soon if he's going to be out. They will want the QB to know who his position coach will be. I would say there is zero chance of Mike Locksley coaching at Ohio State, but they want Haskins pretty badly. LOL. In all seriousness, I don't think we will see Mr. Locksley at Ohio State. But it's college football, and all things are possible. 

TheKaiser21: Was this the best tOSU team you've been around? I can't think of a better collection of top end talent with experience since maybe 95/96.

BG: The talent on the current team is as good as any I've seen at Ohio State, and I go back to the late '60's. That should be reflected in the NFL draft over the next two years. This team had it all, but won't win it all. There were no weaknesses on this team. The passing game was awful, but to say it's because of Devin Smith is too simple of an answer. They have guys that can run go-routes as fast as Devin. But they could run it. They could stuff the run. And they could stop the pass. You can NEVER, EVER, EVER, presume a national championship. That is silly 99 years out of 100. But this year's team should have repeated. The schedule was cake. This was a down year nationally in college football. And in the biggest game of the year, you got your opponent at home. Without their best player. Ohio State's best would decimate this year's playoff field. We just didn't see their best all that much. But NOBODY in college football wanted any part of the team that beat Michigan. I thought we would see that team a lot more this season. 

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