Bank Bag: OSU Season Ends PART-FOUR

Ohio State has finished the regular season at 11-1 and will next play Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day. Bill Greene is here to answer questions from BSB subscribers on the Buckeye season and more. Here is PART-FOUR.

The Kaiser21: And why didn't we see Braxton throw a pass this year? I know he can throw so why not use that when you absolutely needed it? Like against MSU?

BG: I guess a one-time deal, trying to surprise the defense would be worth a try. But overall, I prefer QB's throwing the football that have actually worked with the receivers and have a grasp on the offense. 

cjdjbucknuts: We will be replacing several players for next year---who is the damn that kid is really good kid that we didnt see coming

BG: I know Chris Ash is very high on Denzel Ward. If Eli Apple leaves early, and I think he might, Ward just might grab his starting spot. 

chex1868:  Do you still think Grimes ends up in Cbus? What is your favorite OSU alternate jersey (throw backs included). You think Brax gets drafted? Does he make an NFL roster? Does Kerry Combs yell during his recruiting visits to schools, coaches and players?

BG: Yes, I think Ohio State will land Trevon Grimes. I really liked the black jerseys they wore this season against Penn State. Yes, I definitely think Braxton gets drafted and makes an NFL roster. Maybe the Steelers? Yes, on Coombs. LOL.

dplaw: Who is our starting RB next season? Does one guy earn the reps or do they share by committee?

BG: Great question. They need a big, tough tailback to hammer the football between the guards. I'm guessing it's Mike Weber. Or a combo, including Curtis Samuel and Brionte Dunn. 

ohiostate2002nc:  Tyvis Powell:  should be replaced or not ?? would you have put a TE on right side to help RT ??

BG: I would say No, because I trust Chris Ash would have done that if it were the right move. They needed to do something with Chase Farris: coach him up, give him help, or bench him. 

its154pmandmichiganstillsucks: Was Vrabel gonna fight Urban?  Stacy Elliot has been a great parent spokesperson for the school. Did Ezekiels comments after the MSU game strain the relationship with his father & the program?  Danny Clark recently won the state championship at Hoban which he couldnt do at Massillon. Was it coaching/Jason Hall or being surrounded with better talent or something else?

BG: No, on Vrabel fighting Urban. Thank God, for Urban's sake. Wouldn't have been much of a fight. I think Stacy Elliott is a great man and welcome at Ohio State for life. I do not see any strain at all between the Elliott's and Ohio State. It was a heat of the battle thing. Danny benefited from much better talent at Hoban, including guys like Todd Sibley, Jonah Morris and Nolan Rumler. They all meshed perfectly. 

ohiostate2002nc: thoughts on freshman not playing this year ??

BG: I think they probably could/should have played those guys this year, but for whatever reason Ohio State chose not to. They just didn't have the blowouts that were expected this season, which probably threw things off.

ohiostate2002nc: does Urban not get asked tough questions on Monday press conferences ?? I still have not heard an honest answer that is lengthy from Urban or staff about the debacle vs MSU ... is the media afraid to ask Urban or does Urban just do a great job of avoiding answering the questions ...

BG: I truly think a lot of these guys are intimidated to death by Meyer, and are scared out of their shoes to ask something like that. I would think Tim May could press him on those questions, but I'm not sure anyone did that after the Michigan State loss. 

ohiostate2002nc: are u more in the camp of: despite 11-1 and rout of Michigan it was a dissapointing year ?? or always be happy crushing Michigan and finishing 11-1 even if u get shut out of National CHampionship consideration ...where lies you? 

BG: Well, I don't consider myself a "fan" in the traditional sense of the word at all. I don't have any bumper stickers on my car. Don't own any OSU gear. Haven't been to a game in probably 4 years or so. I try to stay objective when it comes to Ohio State, which I think a lot of people appreciate, although I know some don't. I think people should look at things the way they want to. To me, I hate the "championship or nothing" sentiment that is prevalent all across the country. You can't just presume national titles are your birthright, even at Alabama. But this year set up so well for Ohio State in that it was only a two-game season to get to the Big Ten title game. And the biggest game was played at home, with Michigan State being without their best player. And the rest of the country is pretty good, but nobody is dominant. If ever there WAS a year to presume a national title, it was this year. Ohio State might beat Michigan State 19 times out of 20 given those circumstances. You saw the "one" a few weeks ago. It happens, and that's why you never know with sports. 

ohiostate2002nc: Bill .. can you comment on an observation I had of the Mich State game:I noticed guys on defense not flowing to the ball, not gang tackling, not showing spirit and working as hard as they should .. agree disagree or any comments ??  go back and watch the replay of Mich state game and you see the 1 yard run by Mich St and several players just watching the RB extend to the end zone instead of trying to knock him back, knock the ball out, etc  when I see things like that, I just feel the effort is not there and guys think they dont need to try hard to win.

BG: I'm going to disagree strongly here. I saw a defense, and the entire team, that played their hearts out. The defense was on the field all day, and by the fourth quarter they were whipped. We've seen Ohio State do that to people week after week, but this game it happened to them. I think this team played very hard all year, but not always very smart. I feel like Ohio State was physically whipped by Michigan State on both lines that day, and when that happens you wear down. Michigan State basically beat Ohio State up, and won the physical battle. I don't question the player's effort all year at all. Sometimes you get your butt kicked. They got whipped that day. 

jakied: Will Knox,Jones,Bowen and Prince make an impact on the OL in 2016? Favorite Ww 2 movie?

BG: Those dudes are going to get their shots next year, as Ohio State will be replacing multiple starters on the offensive line. We are going to find out if they can make an impact or not. Favorite World War II movie? For me, there's one that stands out above the rest: The Great Escape. How about a cast with Steve McQueen, James Garner, Charles Bronson, David McCallum, James Coburn and Donald Pleasance? I also liked Saving Private Ryan, Bridge Over The River Kwai, The Dirty Dozen and Inglorious Basterds. There were a lot of great films made about that era. 

drewsus: Motivation is such an important part of bowl game performance. I think OSU could have rallied around the Rose Bowl and playing Stanford. Is there any concern that they won't be quite as motivated for a 11am local start against ND?

BG: I want to see how thing go leading up to the game. Right now, all you can go by is Urban Meyer's history, and I would look at the Orange Bowl against Clemson a few years ago. They lost to Michigan State, which cost them the national championship. No Rose Bowl. Guys going to the NFL early. Noah Spence suspended. And yet they played a heck of a game that day, were highly motivated, and lost because of a few mistakes. I think Meyer will have them ready to play really well. 

bobosu: Is it true Bill that your considering going on the Pro Golf tour? I really hope your not going to leave here for a chance to be a star on the tour! Bill its ONLY Golf we need you here,

BG: Not much chance of that happening, HAHA. Basically, I suck as a golfer but love the game so much. There is no tour that would have me, unless I bought a ticket to watch every week. I think you all are stuck with me for a while!!!

OSUee85:  Do you foresee an eventual expansion to 6 or 8 teams for the playoffs? Guesses on when? JTB... 1 more year or 2 more years at OSU? If 2, how does this affect QB recruiting for this year/next year? Thoughts/guesses on the starting RB for 2016?

BG: I think they will eventually go to eight teams, and probably use this year as a reason why. I think the current contract runs a while, so it might not be soon. I think Barrett stays two more at Ohio State. Do not see him as NFL material. I think they would love one guy to jump up and grab the RB job next year, and I think Mike Weber has a shot. Ot it could be a combination of Weber, Samuel and Dunn. 

GreatBraffsby: What teams do you see as the main contenders next season, both in the B1G and nationally?

BG: I think Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State will all be pretty good again. Not sure about the other division. Nationally? Too soon, but Alabama is going to be loaded again. Shocking statement, I know. 

Llamajudge: I know you said for several months that certain players who had committed to us would not be in the final class, even though they were saying all the right things. Can you tell me what things lead you to say/feel that way?

BG: I had a very good source at Ohio State that told me George Hill was probably going to be encouraged to look elsewhere, so that was no surprise. With Kareem Walker, the signs were everywhere with all the visits he was taking. You just knew Urban was going to blow a gasket at him sooner or later. The visit to Michigan made it sooner. It's just the way things are anymore in college football. A lot of the REAL recruiting happens after the season ends, and we are about to see that unfold over the next six weeks. 

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