Bank Blog: Big Recruiting Weekend At Ohio State

There are big things happening with the top-ranked recruiting class in the land, as there could be a shakeup occurring at the quarterback position for Ohio State's 2016 recruiting class.

Although I'm not sure it's going to affect the final ranking, it does appear that there are some changes coming to Ohio State's top-ranked 2016 recruiting class. 

The Buckeyes will be hosting several official visitors this weekend, in what could end shaping a few position groups. Even though the quarterback spot seemed filled as far back as last summer, that does not seem to be the case right now. 

Dwayne Haskins: Will be on campus this weekend, as his commitment to Maryland seems anything but solid right now. Haskins has made it clear that he wants to be an NFL quarterback, and doesn't want to train for that by running the zone read for four years. He loved Ohio State as a youngster, and Urban Meyer needs to convince him that the Buckeyes will be moving to more of a passing offense in the future. Tristan Wallace is long gone in my opinion, and will not be signing with Ohio State. Should things falls through with Haskins, Ohio State has Louisville commit Tylin Oden waiting in the wings, but make no mistake about it, Haskins is the number-one target. 

Demetris Robertson: It's probably 50-50 that he shows, but Ohio State is expecting this four-star for an official visit this weekend. Gotta see if he gets off the plane first before getting excited. He has the ability to play both defensive back and wide receiver for Ohio State, and they've been chasing him for a while. He is being recruited as a safety, and would be a taker should he want in. 

Jahsen Wint: Sort of a project defensive back from Curtis Samuel's high school, and he does not hold an Ohio State offer at this time. Would be a PLAN-B recruit, and a lot would depend on how things look on the board with other defensive backs they value higher. Committed to Temple. Will be on campus this wseekend for an official. 

Donnie Corley: I've never really had Ohio State as a serious player for Corley, UNTIL NOW. Getting him to take the official was a huge first step, and this point signifies he is considering Ohio State to me. Urban Meyer wins these types of battles once he gets a recruit on campus, and has 48 hours to the prospect and his parents. Michigan State is the clear favorite here, but the Spartans have three highly-rated receivers committed already. There are rumblings the Spartans might see him as a defensive back, and if that's true, there's a good chance Corley ends up at Ohio State. With the outside receivers being question marks at Ohio State, and only Austin Mack committed for 2016, watch Meyer make the case this weekend that Corley belongs with the Buckeyes. I have moved this one from longshot to even money right now, based solely off the home visit and subsequent official visit. To repeat: Urban Meyer wins these battles more often than not. He can win Donnie Corley. 

LaVert Hill: While he has said visiting Ohio State this weekend was a possibility, I think the former Penn State commit will trip to MIchigan. AND that's just fine for Ohio State. Hill and Corley are tight, and the thought of playing together in college has been discussed. It's just that it's hard to see Hill at Michigan State, while it's tough to envision Corley at Michigan. A logical place for both to play? Why not Ohio State? It appears Corley is definitely interested in Ohio State. How about Meyer closes Corley this weekend, then lets Donnie go work on Hill for a month? Then get Hill on campus in January to seal the deal? NOW, THIS would be your longshot. But if you're looking for a dream scenario for Meyer and the Buckeyes, this would be it. 

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