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Even though the dead period is upon us for recruiting, there is still a lot going on at Ohio State. What's the latest that could impact Buckeye Nation?

- Ohio State  needs a quarterback for the 2016 class, and they have moved on from Tristan Wallace. There's no question that Dwayne Haskins Jr. is number-one right now on the Buckeye board. His official visit went great last week, and everyone at Ohio State feels they hit a home run. The waiting game is on now, and it puts Urban Meyer in a tough spot in deciding whether to pursue another QB or not. He has a month to decide, because official visits are closed until January 15. Personally, I think Ohio State lands Haskins, but that's more guess than inside info.

- The Jonah Morris deal is pretty much cut and dried. He is hoping to take three officials in January, to Pittsburgh, Notre Dame and Ohio State. The Buckeyes have not offered yet, but the second they do offer, Jonah would take it. The night before Signing Day. Or the morning of. Not sure Notre Dame is going to wait on him much longer, so the longer Jonah waits on Ohio State, the more likelihood he ends up at Pitt. 

- Everyone wants to know the "leave/stay" guys at Ohio State, and these players have kept a lid on things for the most part. In terms of "gone", I have Bosa, Thomas, Bell and Zeke as out the door. Then you have the "tweeners". I have Eli Apple as GONE. Jalin Marshall wants to go, but his family wants him to stay. I truly believe Pat Elflein wants to stay, but those around him he trusts are thinking it's the right time to go. I do not see Tyvis Powell leaving. Cameron Johnston leaving seems unlikely, but Ohio State has a punter committed for 2016 and you hate to tie up two spots on a specialist position. Lastly, I KNOW that Darron Lee needs to go, and coming back would be foolish, but I have people whispering that this is actually a tough decision for him because he loves Ohio State so much. I have to think head wins out over heart in the end, but it might not. 

- That leaves Cardale Jones, and he might be facing the toughest decision of anyone at Ohio State. He also loves Ohio State, but he made one bad choice last year in staying and cannot afford another bad one. Should he head to the NFL now? Would he even be drafted? Should he go to LSU or USC, and learn to play in a pro style? Should he stay at Ohio State and battle J.T. Barrett? Go through another year of running the zone-read/NFL-style/quasi west coast mish mash? Could he head to Youngstown State and put his career in the hands of Jim Tressel? Jones is in the toughest spot of all the potential early departures at Ohio State. 

- Numbers are still up in the air at Ohio State, and all of the players mentioned above will impact the final total of 85. What about possible transfers? Or possible medical redshirts? There are a few schools inquiring about the future of Brionte Dunn, and should he want to go somewhere as a graduate and get 15 carries per game that option is going to be available to him. There are three injured players that could possibly be facing career-ending issues. I have never named players in this situation before and I'm not going to start now, but these guys could end up affecting the 85 number as well. I would think something would be announced soon on them.

- The wide receiver position was hurt by the loss of Devin Smith and Evan Spencer this season, as well as season ending injuries to Corey Smith and Noah Brown. Smith ABSOLUTELY wants an extra year, and that process is on-going. Although the odds seems super-slim, I'm hearing that this just might go in Corey's favor. Nothing should be announced until the end of the school year on him, but if he does what is required, I'm expecting to see Corey Smith at Ohio State next season starting at wide receiver.

 BONUS ROUND ACTION: I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER given anyone any glimmer of hope that Ohio State had even a remote chance at landing Rashan Gary. UNTIL NOW. I spoke to someone who KNOWS what's going on with Gary, and I'm now doing a complete 180 on this kid. Ohio State has a chance, and it might be pretty strong. This SEC love is a smoke screen, I was told. And mama's not letting him sign with USC. Right now, it's Michigan. For Ohio State to land Gary, THEY MUST get him back to campus for an official visit. He has two visits left, and one is scheduled to USC. They NEED the fifth visit, and then let Urban Meyer, Larry Johnson and Greg Schiano work their magic. If they cannot land the fifth visit, then Ohio State is going to play against Rashan Gary the next 3-4 years. BUT, if they get the fifth visit, I would give Ohio State more than a puncher's chance at getting his signature on Signing Day. 

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