Bank Blog: OSU Underclassmen Decisions

Ohio State has more than ten underclassmen facing decisions about leaving school early, and the clock is ticking for them to decide. Who is on the clock?

Joey Bosa Not sure why he is even listed here, because he should leave, needs to leave and will leave. Will be one of the top-five picks in the draft, and an instant millionaire. Would have been a top pick last year as a sophomore. The only reason to come back would be because he loves school and playing college football. Maybe one of those is true. Both are not. Best wishes.

Darron Lee To me, this is an absolute no-brainer and he HAS to go. Most projections have him as a late first-early second round player. Lets assume he falls to the #50 pick overall, and that's figuring low. That would net Lee a contract worth 4.5 million dollars, with a signing bonus in excess of 1.5 million dollars. Thanks for the memories. 

Tyvis Powell Again, this is an easy one for me and a no-brainer. Powell is not an NFL player in my opinion, and would be an undrafted free agent. This year, or next year. His best option would be to stay in school, and continue to represent Ohio State in the way he has since the day he committed. Does he want to coach? If so, every year spent learning his craft will only aid that effort. 

Cameron Johnston This is a very unique situation in that specialists rarely go early, but most are not as old as the punter in question. I'm not sure he can make the wrong decision, because he is who he is. And will be the same person next year. No clue what Johnston should do, or will do. There is a punter signing for 2016, so maybe Ohio State wants him to move on? 

Jalin Marshall In my opinion, this is another no-brainer but I'm not sure the player sees it that way. I believe Marshall needs to come back, because of where I believe he's projected to be drafted. I'm not sure an injury or a sub-par season next year drops him much further down than he is now. He might not improve all that much as a receiver in the zone read, but he needs to become a better punt returner because he's going to do that in the NFL. Hope he stays for the sake of his future.

Patrick Elflein This is a tough one, in my opinion. If the draft projections are accurate, and he's looked at as late second-early third round pick, that would be hard to pass up. He's not going to get much bigger, quicker or stronger at Ohio State than he would in the NFL. However, if he's looked at as a 5th-6th rounder, than coming back and maybe playing center would be the right call. I think he really wants to stay, which might be reason enough to do that.

Mike Thomas Seems like an easy one to me, especially how highly he's rated. Thomas has to go and not look back. Don't see any way he improves his stock, but an injury or a heavy run offense could cost him plenty. He has come a long way from Fork Union, and it's time to go get paid. 

Eli Apple I'm not sure I'm buying the high projections that are out there, but I have to say that Apple's team is doing their due dilligence on this matter. I like the people advising him, and their motives, so I think the right choice will be made. If he's an early to late second rounder, I think he's gone. And that might be a decision that works out, but I truly think the projections might be off. If he slips to the 4th or 5th round, then the decision was wrong in my opinion. This one needs to be thought out completely, and I trust that will be done. 

Cardale Jones This is a player that I really believe needs a full year as a starting quarterback next year. Whether that's OSU, LSU, USC or YSU, Jones needs to show he can run an offense and succeed in it. Coming back to Ohio State would seem to be a huge risk, but going to the NFL might be even riskier. Would he be drafted at all? If he would, it sure wouldn't be where it would have been last year. He made a bad choice last year. He can't afford another one.

Ezekiel Elliott The decision was made a while ago to leave, and there's no way anyone with any sense at all could question Zeke. It's the right time, and it's a no-brainer. His parents can plant a tree in their backyard. He accomplished everything he could at Ohio State, and more. Time to take hits for money, not for free. 

Vonn Bell Everything I see has Bell listed as one of the top safety prospects in the draft, and you can't improve upon that. I believe he wants to go and the decision has been made. He might project as a better pro than a college player, and he's been a heck of a college player. Can't see any downside to Bell leaving early, as long as he is 100% healthy. He will tear the combine up, and live up to the draft projections. 

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