Ohio State's Top 10 Plays: Darron Lee Saves The Day

Over the final 10 days before the Buckeyes take on Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl Jan. 1 we're taking a look at the top 10 plays from Ohio State's regular season.

Ohio State's regular season has come and gone and a date with Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl is fast approaching.

While that Jan. 1 game is sure to be a great one, we're taking a look back at the season that was. While the Buckeyes didn't live up to the hype that came with the first-ever unanimous No. 1 ranking in the preseason Associated Press poll, Urban Meyer's team still made its fair share of spectacular plays on the way to an 11-1 record.

We're counting down the top 10 Ohio State plays from the regular season.

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No. 2 Lee Saves the Day (Northern Illinois, Sept. 19)

Ohio State struggled mightily in its third game of the season and the Buckeyes were clinging to just a 13-10 lead over the Northern Illinois when the Huskies took the ball at their own 45-yard line with 1:55 left in the third quarter.

NIU made the mistake of running a play that linebacker Darron Lee had seen before. The Huskies attempted a wide receiver screen to the slot receiver lined up on the left side of the formation. Lee, knowing what was coming, closed fast on Tommylee Lewis and blew past tight end Desroy Maxwell who was supposed to be the lead blocker on the play.

Lee snatched the ball out of the air and cut across the field to avoid the Huskies chasing him and find the end zone for Ohio State's final score of the game. It provided the difference in a 20-13 victory.


"“It’s always fun to see, but it’s almost never surprising when Darron makes a play like that,” linebacker Joshua Perry remarked after the game. “You just know at any moment he is able to go off, and that’s what we really enjoy about him. He steadily chips away, chips away and then, boom, there’s a big one.”

Lee said he knew the play was coming and other members of the defense corroborated that story.

"He's a very intelligent football player," defensive coordinator Luke Fickell said. "Guys can know it's coming, and I can sit there on the sideline and tell you its coming. I've watched enough film, I've studied enough film, I've got a god idea what's coming but I can't make the play. He called it on the sidelines and may have called his shot a little bit. He said 'I'm picking one of those things off if they do that again.' I just said do your job."

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