Bank Blog: Ohio State Recruiting Under Armour

ORLANDO, Fla.- Even though Ohio State doesn't have a lot of commits at this year's Under Armour Game, the Buckeyes are actively recruiting two Maryland commits.

Nick Bosa is not in Orlando this week, but there is news regarding his injury from a source close to the player. His knee injury was not nearly as serious as first feared, and the hope is that Bosa will be cleared to resume all contact by next fall. If he's 100% healthy, look for Bosa to be in the defensive end rotation along with fellow freshman Jonathon Cooper. Those two will look to battle Sam Hubbard, Tyquan Lewis and Jaylin Holmes for playing time. Still hearing from people I trust that Bosa is as good as his older brother, Joey. If so, there's no way he isn't on the field. 

Rashan Gary is a MAN. Watched him closely today and he is the real deal. He reiterated today that he loves Larry Johnson, and has known Greg Schiano since the ninth grade. I saw Christian Wilkins, Terry Beckner and Daylon Mack here last year, and they were tremendous defensive tackles. Gary seems better than those three to me, and they all played as true freshmen this year. There will be an in-home with Johnson and Schiano, and they absolutely NEED to get the fifth visit. USC is scheduled for number-four. I think this kid is headed to Michigan barring a last second, Hail Mary by the Buckeyes. He has the talent to be a great college defensive tackle. A true difference-maker. 

Dwayne Haskins Jr. was pretty good today, and I think he fits with what Ohio State wants to do offensively. He says he's committed solidly to Maryland, and that might be 100% true but he's out there taking visits. He didn't exactly gush over his recent Ohio State official, but he probably knows the recruiting game well. The upcoming visits to LSU and Texas A&M are troubling, especiaslly A&M with their appealing depth chart. Ohio State NEEDS a QB in this class. Period. They could move on a second one after the dead period ends January 15. And take two if Haskins wants in. 

Keandre Jones is the real deal to me, and I believe Ohio State agrees 100%. They are going to chase this kid until Signing Day, and they are pushing for the official visit in a few weeks. He can run and change direction well. I would compare him as a faster, more developed Chris Worley. He would play outside linebacker for Ohio State, and I would take him in a minute over Malik Harrison. Or maybe they take both. Regardless, they want this kid to come to campus, and if he does I believe they will offer Jones and chase him hard. The next move is up to him. You just might want to learn more about this kid, because there's a chance he ends up in the 2016 Ohio State frecruiting class. 

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