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Even though the dead period has not ended, Ohio State is actively pursuing recruiting options. Official visits open back up this coming weekend, and the Buckeye staff will be super active leading up to National Signing Day.

- Want to start off by writing about Torrance Gibson, and setting the record straight. Had the opportunity to speak with Torrance at this weekend's South Florida Express tryout camp in Miami. He didn't want to be interviewed because he was not positive it would be received positively by Ohio State. It would have been alright because he was home on break, but I was impressed that he was concerned enough to be 100% compliant. We did not do the interview out of respect for him.

- Torrance LOVES Ohio State. He was thrilled to redshirt this year, and felt it did him a lot of good. He has been told that he will be playing wide receiver this spring, and he will contend for playing time. He needed to learn the nuances of playing the position, and he has made strides. Torrance is also still a quarterback, and he is playing that position as well. And learning how to play quarterback. How will they divide his time going forward? I don't know. Because he doesn't know. 

- His maturity has taken a huge leap forward. Everyone associated with SFE noticed the difference. From a physical standpoint, Gibson looks like an NFL player. He is a legit 6-foot-5. He now weighs a solid 215-pounds, and has filled out the way we all hoped he would. He looks like Mike Thomas. But has the great speed that made him a high school legend. I was totally blown away by what I saw and heard from Torrance Gibson. He is set to explode this spring. The relationship with Zach Smith is strong.

- On the recruiting front, Sam Bruce is IN PLAY for Ohio State. And Torrance Gibson was telling Sam about Ohio State this weekend. The Bosa brothers are also relentless with Bruce. Miami not rehiring wide receivers coach Kevin Beard opens the door, and that is not a small factor at all. Bruce has visits remaining with South Carolina, Florida and Miami. He's not going to South Carolina or Florida. I'm not throwing out the = sign, or making any big pronouncements, but trust me when I say Ohio State can land Sam Bruce. He also speaks with Zach Smith often, and that relationship is strong. 

- Also on the wide receiver recruiting front, nothing new with Binjimen Victor and that's going to be a late decision. Now hearing that Malik Harrison is being looked at as an athlete, either wideout or linebacker. Jonah Morris is now out of the picture, and I do not see him being brought in for a visit this coming week. Or ever. They would take both Bruce and Victor, should the stars align.

- They need two more defensive backs, and the two they want most would be Carlos Becker and Jordan Fuller. Of the two, I would put Fuller as the highest probability, and both will take official visits. Damar Hamlin is also visiting this weekend, and I have him as a huge longshot right now.

- Ohio State NEEDS a quarterback, plain and simple. Dwayne Haskins Jr. is at the top of the charts, and they're on him hard. The PLAN-B plan would be Louisville commit Tylin Oden, I guess, although maybe that's PLAN-D. Gotta see where Haskins visits over the next three weeks, and LSU and Texas A&M are contenders. 

- The Buckeyes are looking to add another linebacker, even if Harrison plays the position. Former Michigan commit Dele' Harding is a player Ohio State is looking at. It's been known for a while that he was not going to be signing with the Wolverines, so we need to see if he visits. 

- Ohio State still needs a defensive tackle, and Rashan Gary is the hope right now. With a prayer. New names could pop up, and Chris Daniels is supposed to visit. Runningback, offensive line, tight end and defensive end should be finished. 

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