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Bank Blog: Assistant Coaching Shakeup At OSU

COLUMBUS, Oh.- Urban Meyer shook up his coaching staff Thursday evening, with the result being Tim Hinton has been moved upstairs and Greg Studrawa has been hired.

- WHAT IS THE SIMPLE VIEW OF THE COACHING CHANGES? The easy answer is you traded Tim Hinton, a loyal Ohio guy, for Greg Studrawa, a proven SEC-type assistant coach. In basketball, that would be like giving away Matthew Dellavedova for Andrew Wiggins. There is an obvious talent upgrade for Ohio State, and you have to like that. But like Delly, Hinton did all the dirty work on the staff (recruiting coordionator) and was a great representative for the program. Who does the grunt work now? Zach Smith? 

- WILL THERE BE OTHER STAFF CHANGES? I spoke to someone very close to the situation this morning, and he said emphatically that both Tim Beck and Zach Smith are safe and will be retained. I think it's a given that Tony Alford returns, so they should be set on offense. Defensively, Schiano for Ash should complete things on that side of the ball. 

- HOW WILL THE ROLES BE DIVIDED? To me, this is the key point and I really don't care how they do it. But roles need to be assigned and defined. They weren't done correctly last year after Tom Herman departed, and the team suffered because of it. Who called the plays? Who was in the booth? Who was the offensive coordinator? If they wait until mid-November to figure that out, it might not be pretty to watch Ohio State with the football. The Buckeyes will be young and inexperienced on offense next year. They will need one voice as the offensive line coach, one voice in the quarterback meetings, and one voice as the offensive coordinator. Studrawa, Warinner and Beck have been around the game a long time, and they are all quality coaches. Urban Meyer needs to have their roles definied to the nth degree, and then let them do their jobs. PERIOD. 

- WHY WAS THIS MOVE NECESSARY? This move totally upgrades the overall talent of the coaching staff, which is a plus. I was told Meyer thought about something similar last year after Herman left, but wanted to keep things as close to normal as possible with Ohio State facing a national championship run. Warinner left Notre Dame after being passed over as offensive coordinator, and Meyer knew it would probably cost him Warinner had he not given him the OC job. But was it too much to ask of Warinner to be OC AND O-line coach? I think it was too much to handle. Coaching tight ends is like coaching first base in baseball. You try to stay awake. This will let Warinner solely focus on his offensive coordinator duties, without the heavy stress of also coaching a demanding position. Studrawa will have the O-line all to himself, and he is a guy Urban trusts. 

- WHAT IF ROLES ARE NOT DEFINED? Then this ain't gonna work. They tried to mix-and-match on offense last year, and it was a disaster that cost themselves a national title. You CANNOT have TWO offensive line coaches, so there's no way Greg Studrawa will have Ed Warinner looking over his shoulder telling him his techniques are wrong. In the first two seasons, Everett Withers and Luke Fickell went back and forth over roles, and the defense suffered. Last year, Beck and Warinner were all over the board, and the offense cost them heavily. BUT, look at what happened when Chris Ash was hired. Ash was supposed to take the safeties, with Kerry Coombs taking the cornerbacks. That lasted about two minutes, when Ash put his foot down and told Meyer he would take all the DB's, and Coombs could help out if he wanted to. OR coach special teams. OR wash uniforms. But the point is: Ash ran the defense his way, and Ohio State won the national championship because he was given that type of authority. 

- THE BOTTOM LINE? I like the moves. This makes Ohio State's coaching staff stronger, which makes your team better. Much like the hiring of Schiano was a home run, the hiring of Studrawa could be the same. 

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