Bank Blog: Let's Play The Recruiting Game

It's only a few weeks until National Signing Day, and it's time to look at where the top prospects will be going to college. Bill Greene plays the recruiting game with BSB members, and predicts where the big time players end up.

stvscrstr: Sam Bruce

BG: Ohio State. Let the crystal ball changes begin!!!!!!!!

Pavs38: Jordan Fuller

BG: Ohio State. Because Greg Schiano is what Larry Johnson is supposed to be. 

atlabuck: Dwayne Haskins Jr.

BG: Ohio State. Even though I had an Under Armour exec tell me it wouldn't be Maryland. But it also wouldn't be Ohio State. I think he's 50% correct. 

diznick: Rashan Gary. 

BG: Michigan. Although Schiano is giving Urban and LJ a chance that they never were able to get. 

cscbucks: Keandre Jones (know he is committed to Maryland but does he end up there?)

BG: Maryland. I told you guys about this kid a few weeks ago. Visits OSU this weekend, and Florida next weekend. Think he stays home in the end. But Ohio State has a shot, especially if Haskins jumps on soon.

sears3820:  Carlos Becker.

BG: Florida State. Ohio State jumped in a little too late, but they have a shot with him. Not ruling OSU out just yet.

dirtysouthbucks: Trevon Grimes.

BG: All Buckeye. No worries.

draylogan67: Jonah Morris.

BG: Think it's Notre Dame. But there might be academic issues that could bring a JUCO year into the fold.

FunkMastaBuck: Mecole Hardman. 

BG: Georgia. With Nick Saban in the wings looking to pounce.

bucknutsinurface: Binjimen Victor 

BG: Ohio State. Zach Smith strikes AGAIN.

40cms401: Chris Daniels DT out of texas coming next week

BG: Oklahoma. 50-50 he ever shows up for that visit to Ohio State. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Nate Craig-Myers.

BG: North Carolina. 

buckzip: Kato Nelson.

BG: All About The Zips. He sticks with the Fighting Bowden's.

DCBUCK84: Louis "Bigfoot" Holmes.

BG: Ohio State. Pays his own way and has one year of eligibility remaining at 30 years old.

southcampus: Demetris Robertson.

BG: Georgia. Kirby Smart takes one from Uncle Nick. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: Mique Juarez.

BG: UCLA. With Hugh Freeze lurking in the background.

caesarpitz: Rashad Lawrence.

BG: LSU. Ed Orgeron ain't losin' this biggun. 

GreatBraffsby: Quinn Nordin.

BG: Michigan. The Sleepover Never Fails.

jumbalayag: Brandon Burton. 


teg209: Miles Sanders. 

BG: Penn State. The nation's top runningback stays with the Nittany Lions.

Brian Snow: Antwon Hight.

BG:  Ohio State. Package deal with younger brother Stevie. Both pay their own way, and have one year of eligibility under the new NCAA guideline that permits transfers based on being pure BAD-ASSES. 

drewlaw00buck: Nabahitachiini Nez

BG: New Mexico. Warrior stays home.

mancow3: Dymonte Thomas.

BG: Had Brady Hoke stayed he would be transferring. Now that he's being coached, he stays at Michigan, has a great senior year, and gets drafted in the third round in 2017.

Buckrock: Rico McCoy. 

BG: I think Gary Housteau is still calling him to OSU after taking a picture of him in a Buckeye shirt. I still disagree.

Buckeye330: Damar Hamlin.

BG: Pitt. Although he's at OSU this weekend.

Cork1: Obi Eboh. 

BG: Stanford. Think Shaw poaches him from Uncle Charlie.

ranshark: Tyjon Lindsley.

BG: Oregon. Becomes the next Dontre Wilson.

DFWBuck: Tamawi McGee.Toledo or will he flip?

BG: Toledo. Steubenville kids learn about loyalty early on.

osubuckeye12189: LeBron James. 

BG: Ohio State. Uses NCAA loophole to play college football and pro basketball. Comes to OSU as a tight end. But leaves in a week when he realizes the tight end never gets thrown the football. 

WraithBuck: Caleb Kelly. 

BG: Notre Dame. 

1XBUCK: Xavier Johnson Cincinnati Summit Country Day 2018?

BG: Michigan. The Sleepover works again.

bucknutsinurface: Jim Harbaugh, how long does he stay at Michigan?

BG: Jumps to the Detroit Lions after Michigan wins the national title next year. 

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