Q & A with RB Delbert Ferguson

Warren Harding RB Delbert Ferguson is expected to have a big season this year. Right now, the running back is still working on early recruitment

Warren Harding RB Delbert Ferguson is still the OFS top-rated running back prospect in the state of Ohio. Lots of fans have wondered about his stats as far as recruiting, and we caught up with him recently to find out the latest on that and more

Any disappointments this past year?

"I had a pretty good season I guess. We made it to the state semis. I had 1,700 yards and 23 touchdowns."

What made you switch teams?

"I wanted to play for a Division I school and maybe have the opportunity to graduate early and get into college earlier."

What colleges are you hearing from?

"Right I am talking to Michigan State, Notre Dame, Iowa, Indiana"

"Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan State have offered me. Notre Dame is really just talking right now."

Have you taken any visits (unofficial) so far?

"I have been to Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan State…"

What were your impressions on those visits?

"It is really hard to say. I just saw a couple of practices and camps."

What are your early favorites?

"Honestly I don't really have a favorite right now."

Who was your favorite team growing up?

"I liked the Buckeyes, Notre Dame, and I liked Michigan."

If one of those teams offered, would you want to go there?

"I don't know that it would be set in stone, but I know I would take them into deep consideration if they offered me."

Is Michigan or Ohio State calling and talking to you?

"No, not right now."

What will be important?

"Being able to see who they take in at the position and how soon I might be able to play."

What are you most looking forward to at college?

"Playing football, getting a degree, the whole college experience."

What are your weaknesses – or areas you really want to work to improve in?

"Right now I am just trying to work on my hands. I am working on taking care of the football. That was my main focus this offseason."

What did you do to work on that?

"Ball drills, playing catch with the quarterback."

Size and statistics?

"6'1 227, about 4.5 timed…"

1717 yards, 23 touchdowns

If you had to pick a player to model yourself after, who would it be?

"We play different, but I would have to go with Maurice Clarett. We grew up together, he is like my brother."

Do you like defense or offense better?

"I played linebacker, outside linebacker."

"I like offense better. That is my love. I like scoring touchdowns."

Any date that you are trying to set on committing?

"I kinda want to get it done early if I could. I wanted to get it done before the season was over. Some time this year for sure."

Any camps you going to?

"I did not go to the Ohio State camp. I went there for a practice."

What do you want to major in?

"Engineering. I have not really decided which one yet."

What are your grades like?

"My grades are good right now. We don't have the official GPA yet. I am a B student."

Jim Tressel is big on setting goals; What is your goal(s)?

"Win the state championship. That is my only goal right now – just to win."

Your hobbies?

"I like to read and write. My favorite book is Malcolm X"

What do you like to write?

"Stories and poetry."

Delbert is working to get in the position to enroll early in college, which is a firm goal of his. He'll be one of Ohio's most watched players this year, and you can expect a big year out of Delbert Ferguson.

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