Bank Blog: Room For Five More At OSU?

Ohio State just finished one of the more successful recruiting days in the Urban Meyer era, and now the Buckeyes will look to finish off their class. Numbers are getting tight. Who gets in, and who gets left out?


The candidates are Jordan Fuller, Carlos Becker, Rodjay Burns and Damar Hamlin. In that order, I believe. I have Fuller as IN the class right now barring a Notre Dame flip. They would take one of the following three, and I think only Burns is a realistic shot for Ohio State. I think there's room to add two from this group. 


Only room for one here, and Rashard Lawrence is the preferred target. JUCO Jamar King visited last week, and I don't think he's a taker until Ohio State hears from Lawrence. I don't see Lawrence pledging to the Buckeyes at all, but anyone saying they have no shot doesn't follow recruiting very closely. King also has other top schools chasing him. Rashan Gary is the longshot pipedream.


Malik Harrison is the late season, in-state choice and I think he takes his remaining two visits and commits to Ohio State on National Signing Day. Michigan State and Syracuse are also in the picture and will host him for officials. 


Mecole Hardman Jr and Sam Bruce are both in the picture, with Bruce having the more higher probability. It's hard to see Ohio State turning either of these guys away, even with numbers getting tight. Meyer will visit Bruce tomorrow, and he could push hard for answer on the spot. 

SUMMARY: With two more defensive backs, one defensive tackle, one Ohio athlete and one national athlete, there should be room to add five more. These would be the top targets right now.

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