Bank Blog: Saturday Report On OSU Recruiting

Ohio State is still in the running to land the top recruiting class for 2016, and the Buckeyes are chasing several top prospects to fill out their class. Where do things stand right now?

- WHAT IS THE NUMBER? I believe there are four openings left, possibly five spots open, for Ohio State. Things are obviously tight, and this number could be fluid right now, depending upon who wants in. And what position they happen to play.

- THE CANDIDATES: Who are the takers, the maybes and the PLAN-B options right now? Let's take a look. 

- DEFENSIVE BACKS: They want two more. I have Jordan Fuller as IN the class, so count him as one spot gone. Then you have Carlos Becker and Rodjay Burns on campus right now, and Ohio State will look to grab one this weekend. I have Becker going to Florida State, so my money is on them flipping Burns from Louisville. One of those guys should be spot number-two. If they fail on these two, there is always Damar Hamlin, who I do not think they're getting. Then they could bring in PLAN-B defensive back Henry Miller next week to get their two guys. 

- DEFENSIVE TACKLE: I believe there was some optimism on Rashard Lawrence, although I never felt they had a prayer at all. Regardless, there are rumors that they held off Jamar King last week until they heard from Lawrence. I do not believe this is accurate, and think they would have taken King last week if he wanted in. They would have taken Lawrence and King. Now they have to sweat out King's trip to Alabama, and he is a taker for the Tide. The PLAN-B would be USC commit three-star Keyshon Camp, out of Florida. They need one here, but if they miss on King and Camp, they could wait it out for next year. They would love to have spot number-three filled from this group. 

- OHIO ATHLETE: Malik Harrison is IN. So there is a spot, whether he's three or four we do not know, but he is IN. Will play linebacker or wide receiver, and helps you keep the state of Ohio happy. 

- NATIONAL ATHLETE: The received potential good news from Mecole Hardman Jr, and I believe he would be held in higher regard than Sam Bruce. Hardman might have silently committed to Urban Meyer, and he definitely told players on the team he's coming to OSU. I'm calling BS on this, and not buying it. Have seen this movie too many times before and know the ending. Bruce is at Miami right now, and I'm still not 100% sure he's a taker for Ohio State, especially with Hardman looking like there's a chance. IF Hardman committed today, or on Signing Day, there would be a spot for him. What about Bruce? That's the million dollar question. My guess is if Sam tried to commit today, they would take him, but I can't say that with 100% certainty right now. 

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