Bank Blog: Sunday Morning On Bruce and Camp

Two of the recent names on the Ohio State recruiting board are Sam Bruce and Keyshon Camp, and it's not a guarantee that either player would be a sure fire taker for the Buckeye staff. Where do things stand?

Ohio State is looking to add two defensive backs, a defensive tackle, and either one or two ATHLETES for their 2016 class. Depending upon who signs, this class could end up in the number-one spot. 

There is no news yet on Jamar King's official visit to Alabama. With Rashard Lawrence now in the rear view mirror, King is the top defensive tackle prospect on the board, but Alabama is pushing hard for him this weekend. That leaves Keyshon Camp, who recently decommitted from USC and holds a Buckeye offer. 

Would they take Camp as a project defensive tackle? Or wait for next year, with Jerron Cage already committed and national prospects Fred Hansard and Donovan Jeter in the mix? Would Camp see the field before those two? Probably not. Camp's recruiter at USC, Chris Wilson, is now at Missouri and I think that's where Camp ends up. I would pass on Camp, assuming they could get him. 

That leaves the ongoing saga of Sam Bruce, and how will this one end up? I can now share that Sam Bruce has silently committed to Ohio State, and this took place a few weeks ago. But can Ohio State fit him into this class? There is no definite answer right now. Silent commitments are usually worthless, but I believe this is where Bruce wants to be.

There is not a unanimous consensus within the staff on Sam Bruce, and there will be a discussion today on exactly what the final answer will be. Urban Meyer breaks all ties, and he has the final say. That will be decided today, because Bruce is supposed to make things public tomorrow. They don't want Sam Bruce committing publicly, and then be forced to turm him down. This gets solved today.

Bruce is in the process of wrapping up his Miami official visit, and this is the last shot for the Canes. There is not much of a relationship between Bruce and this completely new staff. There is also the matter of comfort with the offensive schemes, and while the Ohio State spread is perfect for Bruce, you don't see a lot of featured slot receivers in Mark Richt's offense. He favors a tailback heavy offense, with a fullback on the field in place of a slot, and two taller outside receivers.

How will the Bruce situation resolve itself? Nobody really knows right now, and this one will be finalized when Sam makes his choice. If he picks Miami, everything is fine and dandy. If he calls Meyer and wants to pledge to the Buckeyes, then Urban has a decision to make. 

There are also decisions that need to be made at defensive back, with Carlos Becker and Rodjay Burns finishing up official visits at Ohio State. How their visits went will determine if Henry Miller is brought in next weekend.

And I still have Malik Harrison IN this class for Ohio State.

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