Bank Blog: Monday Musings On OSU Recruiting

Ohio State's recruiting machine continued to roll on this past weekend, resulting in the commitment of athlete Rodjay Burns. While the Sam Bruce saga might not see him at Ohio State, there is still the chance of them landing a defensive tackle.

Rodjay Burns is IN, as predicted earlier in the week and he helps meet the need for defensive backs in this class. The addition of Burns means they still need one more from a group of Jordan Fuller, Carlos Becker and Damar Hamlin. I expect it to be Fuller.

- I do not see Henry Miller visiting this weekend, because I think Burns took his spot, but it could still happen. That would depend upon how they feel about Jordan, and whether they think he's IN. Miller would probably want assurances he's a taker before visiting, and I don't think they can do that.

Malik Harrison visited quickly Sunday evening, and all is well there. He's IN the class, and his spot is safe and secure. 

Sam Bruce is still a mystery for the most part, and I have no reason to believe a spot is open for him at Ohio State. In a story that has taken a ton of turns and twists so far, I think this one is pretty cut and dried. I think Sam will commit today, and I think it will be Miami barring another drastic turn of events. Will stay on top of that one.

Mecole Hardman Jr could not get to Alabama this past weekend, so he instead went to see his future college team in Athens, Georgia for the 675th time. Hardman is signing with Georgia in my opinion, but Ohio State would take him as a dynamic athlete that could play a number of spots. I do not see him anywhere but with the Dawgs.

- I see Keyshon Camp ending up at Missouri with his recruiter from USC that was recently hired by the Tigers. 

- DO NOT GIVE UP ON Jamar King JUST YET. He was pushed to commit to Alabama on his visit, BUT HE DID NOT COMMIT TO THE TIDE. Let's see how this one plays out over this week, and if he visits anywhere next weekend. Still think this could go to the Buckeyes, simply because Nick Saban could not lock him down. Stay tuned. 

- This is another great class for Ohio State. I see a finish with Fuller and Harrison, and a shot with Jamar King. 

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