Bank Blog: What's Up With OSU's DB Situation?

Ohio State issued ANOTHER defensive back offer Tuesday to unknown K'Von Wallace, out of Virginia. With Jordan Fuller's decision looming, what does the new offer say?

- WHAT ABOUT FULLER: There has to be a second (or third) team in the mix, or else there's no announcement. Jordan Fuller has been IN for me for a few weeks now, and I'm not backing off that at all. The relationship with Greg Schiano should rule the day. Notre Dame is still being mentioned, and I think they're running second. I do not have Michigan in this one, even though you always worry about a Jersey kid and Wolverine assistant Chris Partridge, who is proving to be a recruiting witch. To me, Fuller is a Buckeye. I know they are telling him cornerback, because that's where he wants to play, but Jordan Fuller is going to be a safety and probably be in the two-deep next season at safety.

- WHAT ABOUT HARDMAN? See the above about the second team, or go back and read everything (not from me) about how Ohio State was in it for Rashard Lawrence. Mecole Hardman Jr is pump-faking Dwayne Haskins, Urban Meyer, and a few players on the Ohio State roster. Changing the Twitter picture. Will wear OSU hat tomorrow. And show up for school Wednesday with a Buckeye hoodie on. This reminds me of Donnie Corley saying how OSU was recruiting him hardest, and his last visit to Ohio State was his best visit. Of course it was. Hardman is going to Georgia. Thank you very much. 

- WHAT ABOUT WALLACE? This is definitely the hot flavor of the week, and the offers are pouring in. I guess his high school season just ended this week, and not last November? I have no clue why K'Von Wallace is the hot recruit right now, and I'm also not convinced Ohio State would take him today. Fuller will announce next Monday, and I'm guessing OSU will know at that moment whether they have a place for Wallace. But this offer could be a real OFFER, and he might be a taker right now. There is some question on that. Time will answer the question, and real soon.

- WHAT ABOUT BURNS AND WINT? When you look closely at the defensive back situation, the losses of both Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell have created a little bit of concern at safety. There is much uncertainty behind those two, with some guys being injured and others being extremely inexperienced. While Rodjay Burns and Jahsen Wint do nothing for experience, they are healthy and will be given every opportunity to play next season, even though I'm skeptical because neither are true safeties. I see both redshirting, and I would guess Wallace would too, so all these offers seem kind of questionable. And NO WAY can Malik Harrison play safety, so don't ask. LOL. 

- WHAT ABOUT DAVIS AND FELDER? I would have Wayne Davis as the more talented of the two, and I would think Kareem Felder would need a redshirt year. They are both cornerbacks, and that position is a lot more stable than the safety spots right now. 

- WHAT ABOUT NEXT YEAR'S COMMITS? Marcus Williamson and Shaun Wade are both cornerbacks. Brendon White and Isaiah Pryor "might" play safety for Ohio State, but both could be linebackers as well. Lamont Wade is a cornerback as is Jamyest Williams. Gotta find some safeties at some point for this class as well.

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