Bank Blog: Grading The Ohio State Class

The final letters are in for Ohio State and the 2016 is complete. How did the Buckeyes fare? How would the individual position groups grade out?

Recruiting is not just about gathering talent, which Ohio State does extremely well, but it's about filling needs with quality players. How did the Buckeyes do at each position group? 

QUARTERBACK: Ohio State HAD to have a quality signal caller in this class after losing Tristen Wallace, and they scored big with Dwayne Haskins Jr.. He is a pocket passer, and very highly rated. GRADE: A.

RUNNINGBACK: When the Buckeyes parted ways with Kareem Walker, they wasted no time grabbing Antonio Williams. While he wasn't their first choice, he fills a need at a position that needed depth. GRADE: B

WIDE RECEIVER: Ohio State needed to restock this position, especially on the outside, and they added three potential difference makers and all were first choices. Austin Mack might be ready to play next year on the outside, and Demario McCall could also be on the field in the slot or as a return man. Binjimen Victor will need to add weight and strength, but he might have the highest ceiling of the three. GRADE: A+++

TIGHT END: With only Marcus Baugh returning at the position, one of Jake HausmannKierre Hawkins or Luke Farrell will be on the field next year. My bet is Hausmann. Ohio State added both quality and depth in one shot at tight end. GRADE: A+

OFFENSIVE LINE: While the numbers are high on the roster, Ohio State took several projects the past few years at this position group. When Jack Wohlabaugh is the lowest rated recruit, you know you have quite a haul coming in. JUCO Malcolm Pridgeon caps off a great group, Tyler GeraldGavin Cupp and Michael Jordan all project as future starters down the road. This is a great collection of talent. GRADE: A+++

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: While Malik Barrow has a chance to be a fine player, for the second year in a row Ohio State got blanked in their pursuit of elite players at this position group. They wanted to add both quality and depth, and while Barrow is a good player, the Buckeyes came up short here. GRADE: C+

DEFENSIVE END: Even though Ohio State lost out for Terrell Hall, there's no need for tears with Nick Bosa and Jonathon Cooper in the fold. These two are true difference makers, and should be on the field next year, even with people returning. GRADE: A++

LINEBACKER: The departure of Darron Lee early, and the expected loss of Raekwon McMillan after next season forced Ohio State to take three players at this group, when the plan was for two. Keandre Jones is a national recruit, and a player that could find his way to the field next year. Tuf Borland will add depth in the middle, while Malik Harrison is a pure project that will take a few years to develop. GRADE: B+

DEFENSIVE BACK: Ohio State will add five players to the mix, and a few of them are projects that will need to be developed. With a higher rated group on the way for 2017, these guys better show their stuff early on or risk being recruited over. Jordan Fuller is no project, and I think he hits the two-deep next season at safety. Wayne Davis is looked at as a future starter at cornerback, and he has great cover skills. Kareem FelderJahsen Wint and Rodjay Burns are developmental guys. GRADE: B+

CLASS SUMMARY: While the 2015 class looked better on paper than I thought it did in reality, this class looks good in every way possible. There are no perfect classes or perfect rosters, but this class came darn close. They missed on a big-time defensive tackle, and they reached a little at defensive back, but overall there are several difference makers in the class. This group of talent ensures that Ohio State will continue to challenge for the college football playoffs on a yearly basis. 

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