Ohio State Football: Players, Coaches React To 2016 Edition Of St. Valentine's Day Massacre Workout

Ohio State held its 2016 edition of the St. Valentines Day Massacre workouts on Friday morning, and it resulted in quite the variation of reactions from those within the program.

Friday marked the latest St. Valentine’s Day Massacre workout for the Ohio State football team, something that has been implemented ever since coach Urban Meyer and his staff arrived in Columbus.

According to senior offensive lineman Patrick Elflein , it is one of the two hardest workouts of the year.

“They won’t let you in the weight room, usually we meet in the weight room, they won’t let you in and they’ll make you sit in the locker room and the strength coaches will decorate the whole hallway going down to the weight room,” Elflein said. “I remember last year coach Schlegel had on a like a Jason mask and had a chainsaw, obviously without the chain on it, and he was ripping the chainsaw and we have video cameras and there’s a DJ in the weight room with speakers everywhere and it’s just a pump up, get the team hyped up, but it’s the hardest workout of the year.”

As to how the players feel after the workout is over?

“You’re done for the whole day. They toast you. It’s another decision you have to make, are you going to separate yourself or are you going to be average? And they put you in these uncomfortable situations to see how you respond. The whole thing, the whole offseason is just a mental game,” Elflein said. “They’re trying to mess with your mind and it’s tough. It’s a tough offseason.”

Making this year’s edition of the workout even more entertaining, the Buckeyes seem to be embracing the “Year of the Wolves” theme that strength coach Mickey Marotti has implemented this offseason.

Below are some reaction from players and coaches before, during and after the annual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre workout, including some fun with the wolves theme.

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