Photo Album 1991 - 1992

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We are here today with the next installment of images of a decade of Ohio State football from 1988 - 1998. We have some former Buckeyes who have made it in the NFL and a Buckeye field general who now spends his Saturdays in front of the camera, among other Buckeyes greats. Check out the images from 1991 and 1992.



OSU RB Butler By'not'e

The Buckeye Defense makes the stop!

Buckeye LB Steve Tovar

OSU RB Jeff Cothran

RB Butler By'not'e breaks upfield!


OSU QB Kirk Herbstreit airs it out downfield

Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson

QB Kirk Herbstreit looks for the open man

RB Robert Smith

QB Kirk Herbstreit

RB Raymont Harris bobbing and weaving upfield

Herbstreit takes a breather


Check back soon for the next installment of photographs!

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