Bank Blog: Baker's Dozen At Ohio State

With 13 highly-rated commits, Ohio State is off and running with their 2017 recruiting class. Numbers are tight and spots are limited, so this class is going to be a fun one to watch going forward.

This is going to be an amazing class to watch at Ohio State, and following how they put together this 2017 group will be just as interesting as who they actually sign.

There are numbers issues galore, so this class could change moving forward. Remember last year at this time when Buckeye fans were hyped about recruits like Terrell Hall, Kareem Walker and George Hill? 

What about the final number? Nobody knows at this point, not even one Urban Meyer, so let's use 22 as a baseline and go from there. I understand it could be higher or lower, but that's my number for now. 

Let's take a look at each position group. Right now, there are five commits for offense, seven on defense, and one specialist in kicker Blake Haubeil. 

QUARTERBACK: Danny Clark has been committed for over a decade it seems, and in a perfect world you'd like to only take one at this position. Are they satisfied with Clark's development? They are kicking the tires on other QB's, so I think we will see two at this position in 2017. 

RUNNINGBACK: The position is thin on the roster currently, so two is a must for this class, and I could possibly see three. Todd Sibley has been committed for a while, and J.K. Dobbins is the latest pledge. They are chasing Najee Harris and Cam Akers, and it remains to be seen how things progress going forward. I do not see Trey Sermon as viable. 

WIDE RECEIVER: No commits right now officially, but I think Trevon Grimes and Jaylen Harris are even money to be the two outside receivers. They will take an inside, slot guy if it's a superstar. They have a lot of receivers on the roster, even though the position is filled with injured players and suspect talents. I see three for this group, but they could go four if they skip tight end. 

TIGHT END: They've taken five the past two classes, but I'm only sold on two of the five being football players. I think they need at least one in this group, This is a great year for in-state tight ends, and grabbing one helps fill a need and move you toward the Ohio goal of ten commits. 

OFFENSIVE LINE: Another position group where numbers are high, so I could see only three coming here. With two already committed in tackles Jake Moretti and Josh Myers, the Buckeyes can be very selective. In-state tackle Joel Honigford could be an attractive option. 

DEFENSIVE END: There are lots of young talents on the roster, and I think they could get by with only adding one to this group. Let Jonathon Cooper and Nick Bosa develop and only bring one in behind them. They could take two if they were studs, but I would not take a developmental project here. 

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: There are two committed, and I think they're happy with Jerron Cage and Haskell Garrett. There are a lot of defensive tackles on the roster, but a few are in the "suspect" category, so I think they need three here. They will have to recruit Garrett until Signing Day anyway, because that commitment is shaky with trips upcoming. In-state Derrius Mullins could get a nod. 

LINEBACKER: Lot of younger talent on the roster, so they might go with two at the position group. Antjuan Simmons is committed, and he won't be the only one. 

HYBRID: What are Isaiah Pryor and Brendon White? Safeties? Linebackers? We don't know, so for now they get listed here, but they count against the defense.

CORNERBACK: Two beauties committed in Marcus Williamson and Shaun Wade, but since the Alabama trip, Wade goes into the "watch him closely" category. They are still chasing others, and I believe Amir Riep is going to be the next commit. 

SAFETY: Jeffrey Okudah is the target here, and he could be the next Vonn Bell at Ohio State. Do either of White or Pryor fit here? 


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