Bank-Bag: Easter Edition Part-One

Spring football is under way and recruiting is humming right along at Ohio State, so it's time for Scout's Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscibers.

jwinslow: Is there an Ohio State player that is largely overlooked (or undervalued) that you feel could have a pretty good 2016 season?

BG: I wish I could answer Kyle Berger, but that's not going to happen. I think it's Brionte Dunn, to be honest. This offense runs best when there is a monster running the football between the guards, and while I don't think he is the next Carlos Hyde or Zeke Elliott, Dunn can fill the power back role. He could score a lot of touchdowns from close range, and be the short yardage hammer. 

ntaylorut: I know that the coaches will never admit this out loud (although Urban got very close in his first year), but do you get the sense that the people around the program are expecting a re-building year or a re-loading year? IE 8-4 vs 11-1? or somewhere in the middle? It would be interesting to see how they see the young talent comparing to the rest of the B1G and Oklahoma.

BG: From the people I've spoken to I think there is a lot of uncertainty this year, because they will be playing a lot of very talented players that have proven nothing at this level. I'm not sure the coaches know exactly what they have right now. I would describe the mood as optimistically realistic. Or realistically optimistic. 

buck1075: Do you have the guts to predict 3 loses this year?

BG: HAHA. When you put your thoughts on the internet for all to see, you better have thick skin, so guts isn't the problem. It's more about brains, or lack of. But that answer would be YES, I do have the guts to predict that if it's what I think will happen. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Will Clark and Sibley be in this class? 

BG: I feel pretty strongly that Danny Clark will be in this class, even if they take a second quarterback, which I think they will do. Not so cut and dried with Sibley, and that will depend upon how things go with the remaining runningbacks they're recruiting. And how Todd handles it. I do not see them taking three runningbacks.

getbucked: Any idea who the 2 are that will be leaving to get from 87 to 85 by Fall? Or even what position group - if not by specific player/name? Like say an OL and a CB?

BG: I think there are a few players that might not be physically able to continue their football careers. I would look at wide receiver and possibly the defensive line to see who's healthy or not. 

TheKaiser21:Knowing Schiano is probably just a 1 or 2 year rental, are you hearing any names being thrown around as a replacement? And do you see any strategic or scheme changes under Schiano? I'd love to see us be a bit more aggressive with our S's in the run game.

BG: Urban wants to play man-to-man in the secondary and blitz the quarterback. That's why Chris Ash was hired and why he succeeded greatly. I suspect Schiano will follow in Ash's footsteps and keep things basically the same schematically. The passing game is so sophisticated right now that you need cornerbacks playing safety, not the linebacker types. You just can't bring them into the box to stop the run like you used to. That's what the linebackers are there for. Too soon to replace Schiano for me. A lot can change in coaching by December.

getbucked: Of the 45 true frosh and r/s frosh on the current projected 2016 roster, how many of those 45 would you guess will still be on it for 2017? 40? less/more?

BG: Great question. They have obvious numbers problems right now, and they're recruiting like they have 25 openings, not a handful. The roster has to change, whether by early NFL departures, transfers or medical redshirts. I think the guys you mention might be safe, if they're doing everything right. The 5th year seniors had better be contributors, or they won't be asked back. Warren Ball fit this profile recently. There could be more next year.

buck1075: What will become of Parris?

BG: He either learns to catch the football, which I don't think you can learn, or he moves to cornerback and becomes the next Gareon Conley. At receiver he's one of several. As a cornerback he could be elite. Gareon Conley wanted to be the next Devin Smith until he came to his senses and accepted that cornerback was his ticket. He didn't accept that role easily though. 

kevboa22: Bill, Do you agree with Urban's philosophy of trying to have 10 Ohio kids per class, or would you take best available at all times even if it meant few Ohio kids? Do the benefits of keeping a healthy relationship with the Ohio coaches and keeping the fence up around the state outweigh the negatives of possibly turning away a better out of state prospect for an in-stater who may have a harder time finding the field?

BG: I get where Urban is coming from totally, and there is something to be said about taking kids that grew up loving Ohio State and dreaming about playing for the Buckeyes. You can accumulate lots of talent, but if it's basically an all-star team do they still have pride in wearing the uniform. Or just using Ohio State as a vehicle to get to the NFL? I think they've done a great job building the roster, and expect it to continue. With both in-state and out of state players. I don't think "ten" is etched in stone, and in a normal year finding that many in-state players is easy. There were a lot of Ohio kids that started during the national title run. 

sharkbuck: Since Urban took over, I have a difficult time following recruiting (there are just too many names in play), but I still like to follow it at a distance. This year, who the top 5-6 guys that I should pay attention to, either in the class already or that OSU has a good chance to land?

BG: It's definitely different now and harder to follow for the fans. The class usually doesn't look the same in February that it did in July anyway most years, so the early stuff is a lot of fluff. I would watch the runningbacks, the wide receivers and the defensive backs in this class. A lot of talent they're chasing for a few spots. I would watch guys like Cam Akers and Najee Harris, then Jaylen Harris and Trevon Grimes and finally Lamont Wade and Amir Riep. Finally, I would watch closely the QB/WR combo of Tate Martell and Tyjon Lindsey from out West. 

HINGY8: Who is your favorite band/Singer? What is your favorite movie? is TSUN catching up to OSU...or is that hype? MSU looks poised for a drop next season....agree?

BG: I'm not a music person at all and like mostly oldies from back in my days in the 70's and 80's. I can't get enough sports to be honest. I do love movies and it's tough to top Godfather-I for me as the all-time best. Of the recent films, I liked Bourne Ultimatum, Dark Knight, The Departed and The Revenant. Michigan is going to get much better under Jim Harbaugh and we saw evidence of that last season. They have a ways to go before catching up to Ohio State, and you have to start winning on the field to catch someone. Michigan State IS ABSOLUTELY NOT poised for a drop next season. They're here to stay. They have recruited well. They're on field coaching and player development is as good as anyone in America not named Alabama, and they know they can beat Ohio State anytime, anywhere. I don't think any other school in the Big Ten feels that way. 

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