Bank-Bag: Easter Edition Part-Two

Spring football is under way and recruiting is humming right along at Ohio State, so it's time for Scout's Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscibers.

mrbigbux: Jason Day the best golfer on the planet right now?

BG: These younger guys are so good that it changes every week. This week, Jason Day is the best. Two weeks ago, it was Adam Scott. A month ago it was Jordan Spieth, and two months ago it was Rory McIroy. With Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose and Patrick Reed all challenging those guys. Golf is so strong right now, and people didn't think that could happen without Tiger Woods out there every week. I didn't even mention Phil Mickelson, who is back playing at a high level. Love where the state of golf is right now.

mrbigbux: If Keyshawn Johnson Jr wanted to commit to OSU would he have been a taker?

BG:  No, he would not have been. Good player. Not a difference maker. 

buckatborder:  Danny Clark... in or out?

BG: I believe he's IN, but I do see Ohio State taking a second QB with the depth being so thin at the position. J.T. Barrett will be a senior when the 2017 class arrives, so you can't count Barrett. After him, Ohio State has Joey Burrow and Dwayne Haskins. That's not enough quality depth. If Danny accepts the second QB, he stays in the class. If he balks, and I don't think he will, they would let him go elsewhere. 

BadHabit48: Regarding Antjuan Simmons, everyone seems to be throwing out the Jerome Baker comp for him and I don't feel it is very informative to simply consider him a clone of Baker. What I would like to know, Bill, is how you would contrast the two- how are they different from each other as prospects?

BG: I also don't like the comparison to Baker. Simmons would be shorter and more physical than Baker, and far better put together. As a high school junior, Baker would have been 15 pounds lighter, but longer and faster. Simmons would be more physical, but Baker would be faster. Not really similar players.

buckatborder: Is OSU recruiting as hot as its ever been?

BG: Probably hotter than its ever been, in all honesty. When you look at recruiting ratings for a class, then look to see that class on the field as college players, Ohio State is as good as has ever been. Jim Tressel was pretty special as a recruiter and won a lot of games, but Urban's first four years certainly tops those of Tress. And I was on record saying I did not think Urban would top Tressel's record at Ohio State. I was wrong.

WPBucki: Does the recruiting staff consider Internet recruiting services' rankings of thousands of recruits; look at competitors offer list; or do they sit in front of a computer and determine whom to offer based on no outside influences? Or does the recruiting staff subscribe to the recruiting services, and know all the 5* recruits 2 or 3 years in the future?

BG: They absolutely do not let Scout, Rivals or 247 determine offers, nor do they let Michigan State or Notre Dame determine who gets offered. They evaluate through film and when their coaches are on the road. Camp is also is a great tool for evaluating. High school coaches are sending them film and recommending players all the time. And they have a big office staff, led by Mark Pantoni (who is incomparable by the way). They do look at the recruiting sites for data and information, but they aren't listening to me on who to offer. 

tforaker2: I love playing the what if game. Had Tat gate never happened, where would tOSU be right now? Would they have 1 NC, none, or more? Where would Urban be? How long would Tressel have been at tOSU?

BG: I also like playing this game, because you can't be right or wrong!!!!! Had Tatgate not happened I guarantee you Ohio State would not have had a losing record in 2011, and in fact I think they would have challenged for the national title. Terrelle Pryor might have won the Heisman Trophy. Mike Brewster might have won the Remington Award. The team that beat Arkansas, and yes they won that game despite what the record book says, was going to be even better the following year. 

I want to think Pryor, Brewster, Posey and Stoneburner WOULD have won the national title, so they would have that in the bag. Now, you would not have Urban Meyer and Tressel would still be the head coach and I'm not so sure you win the national championship they got two years ago with Urban at the helm. Had Tress not messed up, I think Urban might be the head coach at Texas, but we will never know that. Clearly, he was itching to coach again and wasn't taking a second rate job. 

How long would Tressel be at Ohio State without Tatgate? Tough one to answer, but I think he would still be there today and would be winding down a very, very successful career. My lasting wish for Tressel is to see him carried off the field in his last game as a head coach, be it at Baldwin Wallace or with the Cleveland Browns. I wanted him to take another college job, turn around a struggling program, and be carried off the field with his head held high. Not crawling away a beaten man in the midst of an NCAA scandal. Sadly, I don't think that will ever happen. But through all that happened, I still think people love Jim Tressel in Ohio. And maybe that's enough for him. 

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