Branden Joe talks injury, more

Ohio State fullback Branden Joe discusses his injury and more with Dave Biddle.

What does the team lose with you not being in there?

"Not too much. We've got Brandon Schnittker and there is not a fall-off there. He got a tremendous amount of experience last year, he's smart enough and we're confident enough in him that he can get the job done."

How long are you out? (torn pectoral muscle)

"We're kind of playing it by ear. I had my surgery a week ago, I have another meeting in ten days. We're estimating about four or five weeks, somewhere in there."

So, maybe you'll be back by the NC State game?

"That's a good goal to shoot for, but like I said we're just going to play it by ear and see what happens."

Talk about the initial disappointment when you suffered the injury.

"It was tough. I kind of got my rookie year out of the way last year - got the cobwebs out of the way - and I felt like I was going to have a tremendous season this year. I was in the best condition of my life coming off the summer and it was kind of like a freak accident, bad timing. It was a huge letdown, but I can't dwell on it. I've got to encourage these guys and stay positive and help my team meet our goal for this season."

When did you have surgery?

"It was about 10 days ago."

What were you benching when the injury occurred?

"At the time, I was doing 465, about three reps. It wasn't like it was weight I've never benched before. I was doing 495 a week before that. It was just a matter of timing. I had just finished working out over here with some 7-on-7 and then I went over there and it happened."

Who is left at fullback now? Will Roshawn Parker get a look?

"They are kind of hinting to get Roshawn, even though he had a tremendous spring at tailback. He is feeling a little disappointed that they are nudging him towards the fullback slot. But right now, it's Brandon Schnittker and Roshawn."

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